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DIY Dining Chair Makeover

For a very long time, my dining chairs had been a sad sight to see. I have been planning and dreaming about reupholstering them. Years ago, I bought this dark brown fabric but after seeing how my chocolate brown rugs where riddled with animal hair… I decided NO WAY!

Two weeks ago I bought four couch pillows. Right then, I decided to decorate my living/dining area with the colors found in their pattern. On a trip to Hobby Lobby, I found the perfect green fabric. It matched my NEW couch pillows & was 40% off. This was fate! I bought about half a yard of the fabric. (I measured the seats by arm widths- I needed one per chair) The green fabric sat waiting in my sewing room, calling my name. Today, I pulled it out and tested my theory on Chair Makeovers! This is how easy it was…

tools for a DIY Dining Chair Makeover

1. Unscrew the seat from the chair base.

2. Placed the seat on the fabric and cut around the fabric making sure 2.5 inches wrapped over to the bottom of the seat.

3. Use a staple gun to attach the fabric to the board at the bottom of the seat. Pulling the fabric tight, staple all around the edges of the fabric. Cut off excess fabric at the corners.

4. Screw the newly covered seat back onto the chair base.


n the end, I fell back in love with my dining chairs.

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