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Seven of Diamonds: A Bonus Mini Quilt Pattern

In the aftermath of creating my Inflorescence Quilt. Amidst the chaos of my sewing room, I found myself adding new scraps to my already overflowing scrap bins. I have more than one place I put my scraps, a writers chest and a utility cart. Thinking there has to be a better way, an idea sparked. I started designing a pattern tailored to repurposing all of the triangular pieces found within the cuts of the Inflorescence Quilt. I have been tinkering with a pattern for a few months. So I decided to take the concept and change it, turning it into a wall hanging. This is how the bonus project became reality and the Seven of Diamonds became a mini quilt. 

Transform your scraps into something marvelous with this bonus mini quilt pattern. Here’s why you’ll love it:

Today, I’m adding a bonus pattern to the Inflorescence Quilt. It’s like getting a hidden gem within the pattern itself. This bonus pattern is not just any other quilt—it’s an opportunity to hone your skills. Master the art of angled edge piecing, and to fall in love with the beautiful quilts made up of intricate triangles.

1       More Bang for Your Buck: By purchasing the Inflorescence Quilt pattern you get the Seven of Diamonds pattern for free. Two patterns for the price of one.

2       Creative Inspiration: This bonus mini quilt pattern is meant to cultivate creativity with a quick and easy project. The perfect project to fit in between your next quilt.

3       Skill Building: Explore angle edge seams with this bite-size bonus pattern which can provide stepping stones for quilts like the Terracota Fior Quilt or Falling Stars Quilt.

4       Your Sewing Room will Thank You: Instead of adding to your stash, use the remnants to craft the Seven of Diamonds mini quilt—a beautiful solution to tidying up your creative space.

When you buy the Inflorescence Quilt you get a bonus pattern called seven on diamonds
Seven of Diamonds

For those of you who have already purchased the Inflorescence Quilt, fear not. This bonus mini quilt pattern will find its way to you via email, so keep an eye out. If you don’t receive it, simply drop me an email with your order number, and I’ll ensure you receive your copy promptly. This little present is a token of my appreciation for your support. Each purchase means alot. I dream of turning this side hustle into a full-time job. When you support small businesses like mine, you help us reach our goals.

To get this project head, over to my shop, and purchase the Inflorescence Quilt.

Come back here in two Tuesdays (4/7/24)!! Join me as we debunk the myth surrounding Y Seams—I promise, you can conquer them with ease and even grow to love them.

Happy quilting!!

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