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make your own Easter BAG or Easter BASKET

Pastel paper crafts and candy filled baskets would be waiting on top of our “spot” on the kitchen table. Growing up, (and still to this day) Easter is full of wonderful memories. My favorite part has always been the Egg Hunt. As I now watch my nieces and nephews enjoy the task of filling up their Easter basket, I am transported back to my childhood.

Easter basket

Easter Bag-sket

A tisket, a tasket, a new take on the Easter Egg Basket. Using only items form my STASH I created this Bag-sket in no time. The base of the bag is a pre-made canvas bag. I cut the bottom off so I could replace it with colorful fabric.

  • For the bunny, I pieced scraps of fabric together to form one large piece of fabric. I outlined the bunny to the back of the pieced fabric. Pulled the bag inside out and pinned it to the canvas bag. I sewed on the outline and turned the bag right side out. I cut the inside of the bunny out leaving about a .25 of an inch of fabric. I attached a scrap of a boa to the bottom of the bag, where a cottontail would be.
  • For the bottom of the bag, I sandwiched batting between two different colorful fabrics. With the bag inside out, I pinned the sandwich to the bottom of the bag and sewed them on, leaving the seam to be covered by the lining.
  • To line the bag, I cut one rectangle of light pink fabric (enough to cover the inside of the bag from top to bottom with an extra 3.5 inches for vertical seams/binding plus an extra 1 inch for the side seam). Working on the top of the rectangle, I folded and ironed .5 an inch of fabric. Working on the bottom of the rectangle, I folded and ironed about 2 inches of fabric. I sewed the shorter sides of the rectangle together, making a circle. Taking the canvas bag inside out and placing the lining over the bag with the folded seams on the inside. I lined up one of the canvas bag seams with the lining seam and then top stitched the tops together. Then I pinned the bottoms together and stitched them together. There will be about an inch over the bottom of the canvas bag and that is okay. Fold over the extra fabric so it covers the bottom seam. Pin it and sew it.

Very easy and fun to make. If you like this project you are sure to like my Easter Napkin Rings.

You can make this Easter basket out of a tote bag here show the bag I made for Easter and a bowl of glittered eggs

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