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DIY – Bunny Tail Napkin Ring

Bunny Tail Napkin Ring looking cute with the napkin as bunny two ears

Growing up in my family, Easter was always one of the best holidays! When I was younger, my parents’ friends would host a wonderful backyard brunch after church. We would all eat delicious food, the children would hunt for eggs, and the event would end with a water balloon fight. My sister took over this holiday brunch so I have so enjoyed watching my nieces and nephews trample through the yard searching for eggs. This month, I received a few cuts of soft pastel linens from Riley Blake Designs, and my mind started spinning with all of the projects I could make with them. I have been working on an Easter table runner (which I can’t wait to show you) and wanted something else to complement it.

My mind came to a halt with the thought of a bunny tail napkin ring. Something that I could totally make myself so decided to share it as a tutorial.

Materials needed:

2 Rectangles of Riley Blake Designs Natural Linen 2.5″ x 6″
Velcro 1.25″
Pom Pom Tassel Maker by Boye
Upholstery Thread
Thick yarn

all the thing I used to make a Bunny Tail Napkin Ring

Making the Pompom

Note: I use a 3″ Pompom guide for this tutorial.

Step 1: Start by wrapping the upholstery thread around the top notch of the Pom Pom Maker then run the thread down the side of it and wrap it on the bottom of it, too.

Step 2: Wrap your chunky yarn around the Pom Pom Maker and be sure to keep the starting piece of yarn down the side edge of the Pom Pom Maker, keeping it out of the area where the scissors cut the yarn. Wrap the yarn around the maker until it is the same height as the top and bottom notch of the maker.

Step 3: Trim the yarn and then cut the yarn in half using the grove in the middle of the PomPom maker.
Step 4: Using the upholstery thread (from step 1), tie a tight knot around the yarn.
Step 5: Trim longer strands of yarn to make an even pompom.

Creating the Napkin Ring

Step 1: Locate your two rectangles. Fold over and iron a 1/4″ seam on one edge of the rectangles, folding over to the wrong side of fabric. Since I used linen and had no right or wrong side of fabric. To download and print my iron guide click here.
Step 2: On the right side of rectangle #1, pin and sew the top Velcro to the same edge with the folded seam. 
Step 3: Then on the right side of rectangle #2, pin and sew the bottom Velcro to the edge without the folded seam.

Step 4: Now with the RWT (right sides together) and the folded side touching, sew the two rectangles together. Leave a small 1 1/4″ opening on one of the folded edges of the rectangles.

Step 5: Trim corners and turn inside out. Work corners so they have a nice point. Iron edges flat.

Step 6: Pin side edge that is open. Top stitch all sides of the rectangle.

Attaching the Pompom to make the Bunny Tail Napkin Ring

Step 1: Add a needle to the upholstery thread from the pompom. Run the needle back in forth a few times securing the pompom together. Trim ends.
Step 2: Get another strand of upholstery thread and thread your needle, knot the end of the thread. Attach the the pompom to the top of the napkin ring by running your needle and thread through the top layer of the rectangle and the pompom. Do this until you are sure that the pompom is tightly secured to the napkin ring.

Bunny Tail Napkin Ring - stitch your pom pom to the fabric ring
Bunny Tail Napkin Ring

I love how this project turned out. If you make a Bunny Tail Napkin Ring, be sure to share your photos on Instagram using #BunnyTailNapkinRing. I will be working on my Easter table runner, so come back to see how these Easter projects come together. Have Fun!!

Bunny Tail Napkin Ring
Bunny Tail Napkin Ring and a plate setting

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