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Free up time with an Iron Guide (download)

Sometimes the simplest things in life truly make it easier. I have been using a piece of card stock paper as my marking guide, measuring line, and Iron Guide for years now. The first one that I made was an extra christmas card printed for work. I measured and drew lines on it and still use it today.

The Iron Guide

Iron guide
Iron guide many

When I went to Sew Pro, I decided to design a formal Iron Guide to pass out as my business card, but my inkjet printer had just died on me. I thought “No problem. I just got a laser printer. Even better, right?” Wrong! After I made about 50 of them I decided to test it out.

The ink smeared just a little and that is not a good thing. I surely did not want to be responsible for ruining someone’s cherished fabric. They stayed in my suitcase. Lesson learned: Inkjet ink seeps into the paper, laser sits on top of the paper. With that said, please when you download and print this Iron Guide out, make sure that you use a inkjet printer. Also, do a test iron run on some scrap fabric to make sure that the heat will not smudge, smear, and transfer ink onto your fabric.   

I love this Iron Guide because I don’t have to spend time looking for my half-square triangle ruler or a ruler small enough to fit on my sewing table. What’s my secret? I keep this small piece of paper and mechanical pencil right next to my sewing machine. If I need to double check a seam, it is right there. When I am making a couple half-square triangles in front of my sewing machine, it is right there. When I am trying to find the perfect angle to make my binding right, it is within hands reach. I don’t have to move everything I am working on and search for a ruler.

To use it as an Ironing Guide, I simply put it on top of the wrong side of your fabric. Then fold the fabric (revealing the printed side of fabric) to the line that you want to use, .5”, 1” or 1.5”. Easy peasy!

The Iron Guide can be used as a sewing guide.

Iron guide can be used as a sewing guide

Use the Iron Guide to make Half Square Triangles.

Use the Iron Guide to make Half Square Triangles.

Ironing with the Iron Guide.

Ironing with the Iron Guide.

Download & Print your own Iron Guid

You can make your own by clicking here. Download the Iron Guide. Make sure that you print it at 100% on card stock paper. I have included a square that you can measure after you print it to make sure that it printed correctly. Then just cut on the crop marks. As always, send me a message if you have any trouble with making your own.

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  • MarySmiles
    June 28, 2020

    What a great idea! More even seams and fewer burned fingers! Thank you so much!

  • Melissa Wooden
    January 26, 2024

    It was a joy meeting you today.

    • Annelies
      > Melissa Wooden
      January 26, 2024

      Thank you for stoping by!! I had such a wonderful time.