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Make this Easy Rainbow Quilt

Happy New Year!!! Yes, I am a little late on these well wishes but I got sick on that day and my day job has been keeping me way too busy. I did sneak in some planning for the new year. All of this has kept me on my toes. Since my mind has been circling around the idea of renewal, resetting, and new goals I remembered something… I just realized I haven’t shared my Color Turn Quilt Pattern here or put it in my shop yet. The Color Turn Quilt Pattern is my take on a modern rainbow quilt.

The Color Turn Quilt is created with Triangles. Here I am laying out the pieces for the quilt.
I used a Jelly Roll from Ruby Star Society for my quilt

Jelly Roll Friendly Quilt Pattern

Now this isn’t an official pattern release. It was released back in September of 2022, and it was part of a pattern bundle for Jelly Roll Day. The bundle had one pattern from five different designers. And it was so much fun to organize. Working with the other ladies, creating the pattern, and then having a live zoom party on Jelly Roll Day called the Great Jelly Roll Bash was a wonderful experience. I can’t wait to do it again!! And yes. We are definitely doing it this year. My pattern has already been set, now I just have to figure out how to make it. Then I need to take to the next stage, creating all the steps and writing it.

Rainbow Quilt

The rainbow was my inspiration behind this quilt and pattern. I love rainy days. Colors are so saturated when the clouds are out, and it is always a treat to find a rainbow in the sky. The Color Turn Quilt is such a fun and easy pattern to make. Working in strip sets is my favorite way to quilt and this design lends itself perfectly to that. My favorite thing about working with strips and streamlining your quilting process is the amount of time you save. Since I have a day job, this is an essential part of my quilting practice. This quilt features Melody Miller’s fabric line, Camellia. The jelly roll creates a scrappy look in this Rainbow Quilt. If you wanted to, you could use yardage instead of a Jelly Roll to achieve a controlled color gradient. The pattern gives you that option.

Make a baby size quilt or a twin-size quilt. 

Finished Rainbow Quilt
Color Turn Quilt Fabric Requirements
I have a limited amount of Color Turn Quilt kits available which includes the Camellia Jelly Roll. Get your Rainbow Quilt Kit today.

Quilting with lines

This might be the best quilting I have ever done. I quilted something simple with aurifil thread: Lines. But I shook it up a little by randomly changing the direction of the lines with the hexagons. I made the twin size quilt and to be honest with you, quilting it on my tiny Bernina 440 was hard. Squeezing that much quilt through my 9” throat was crazy, but I only had one problematic area where the fabric was puckering and if I continued quilting it would have folded under the stitches. The way I fixed it was by taking out a few rows of stitches out (only need one “out” or the other, either way works). Then I sprayed watered-down best press on the area. This made the fibers contract. I also made sure to spread the extra fabric more evenly between stitches. The second time I did this it worked like a charm and now I can’t even point out where the issue is.

Front and back of the quilting for this Rainbow Quilt
Close up on quilting and hobbs batting

The texture is wonderful and that has a lot to do with the batting I used. My go to batting is by Hobbs. I always use their wool batting because it is light, breathable, and so soft. It has amazing drape and quilts like a dream. My favorite thing about it is that it is a nature fiber. The perfect complement for any project.

Color Turn Quilt

Looking to add a vibrant touch to your modern home décor? Look no further than the colorful and captivating world of a rainbow quilt. With their bold and stunning hues, rainbows can breathe life into any room. If you love rainbow quilts this is the perfect project for you. I would love to see what you make using the Color Turn Quilt pattern!! Share your photos of this quilt with #ColorTurnQuilt and tag me so I can share your quilts in my stories. I also like to pick a winner for a giveaway every quarter from the hashtag #brownbirddesignscreations so good luck!!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season!! Cheers to making 2024 a great year.

Taking some fun photos of the Rainbow Quilt
Rainbow Quilt

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