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DIY Jelly Roll Scarf: Easy Beginner’s Project

Whether you are looking for a gift for a specific holiday. Or something special for yourself, something handmade is always better than store-bought. The ingredients to a handmade project start with love, add in time, and you end up with something unique that no one else will have. Christmas is coming up quickly, and I wanted to give you the perfect gift for the dearest person in your life. No matter what their style is everyone can use a scarf. This is an infinity scarf meaning that it doesn’t start or stop but goes around in a full circle. I created this quirky and fun DIY Jelly Roll Scarf using Michael Miller’s Garden Pindot Jelly Roll. Its version is full of color, like a rainbow. But you can customize the look by picking a jelly roll that reminds you of the person you are making it for.

DIY Jelly Roll Scarf

DIY Jelly Roll Scarf – Supplies:

This is a super simple project that you can finish in one weekend or less. I had everything I needed to make this scarf in my home. That’s right. I didn’t buy anything online, and I didn’t have to run out to the store to get anything. All you need is snips, scissors, pins, your sewing machine, a jelly roll, thread, an iron and ironing board, a needle for hand stitching, and that is it. Basically, everything in your sewing kit and your essentials, like your machine and iron. If you don’t have a jelly roll in your home don’t worry, you can make one. You can do this by cutting 2 ½” strips. To learn more about making your own Jelly Roll, head over to the Great Jelly Roll Bash.

Step By Step Tutorial

  • First, sort the jelly roll into 18 strips that you want to use in the project. You will have about 22 strips left over (you could make two scarves or set the strips aside to use in a different project at some other time).
I am using the Michael Miller's Garden Pindot Jelly Roll here the precut is unrolled and in front of my sewing machine.
  • Use your scissors to cut them in half so they are now 18″ x 2 1/2″. This doesn’t have to be perfect. They are folded in half in the jelly roll, so I just cut in the fold line.
  • Decide how you want your strips to look. Do you want the colors to appear random or together like a gradient?
  • Sew them together into a large rectangle.
  • Iron seams open.
I am ironing the seams open with my Oliso smart iron.
  • Trim the longest edges straight.
  • Lay the rectangle out with the right side facing up. Bring one raw edge over to meet the other raw edge, i.e., longest edges meeting. Double-check that the seams meet and pin the seams together.

I have pinned the Jelly Roll Scarf and it is ready to sew. My Golden Hen makes pinning easy.
  • Sew the pinned edge, as well as the longest edge of the scarf together.
  • You now have one long tube that we need to turn into a circle. To do this, grab onto the seam. Poke your arm through the tube traveling along the longest edge of the tube seam. When you get to the end of the tube, hold on to the raw edge of the tube where the seam is. bring that edge to the other raw edge. The right sides will be facing each other, and you will pin the wrong sides together. Sew together but leave 4″ unsewn.
Sewing the short edge
  • Turn the tube inside out. After doing this, you will be looking at the right side of the fabrics, meaning all the seams and raw edges will be inside of the scarf.
  • Now complete the scarf by hand stitching the 4″ unsewn gap shut.
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Share your Jelly Roll Scarf

I hope you love this quick and easy tutorial and that you have a wonderful holiday season! Show me what you make by tagging me @brownbirddesigns on Instagram, and use #BrownBirdDesignsCreations to enter into a quarterly giveaway. Read more about what qualifies for prizes by clicking here. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year, and you are able to use the Jelly Roll Scarf to keep warm.

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