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Twilight Frenzy Quilt Pattern Release

Today is the big day!! We are two and a half weeks away from Halloween, which also happens to be my birthday. I didn’t plan on it. I definitely didn’t expect it. Actually, I was trying to get ahead for next year, but here we are in the midst of another pattern release. This pattern is something that I have had in my Halloween pattern file for years. Most of the patterns in there are bat related. Looking back over the years, I can see that I am a little obsessed. Click here to see a deep dive into my history with Halloween-themed projects. As I was writing the pattern, I added in some fabrics swatches as placeholders. By the time I was finished with the pattern I couldn’t see it with any other fabrics. So, I got busy and started sewing. This my friends is the Twilight Frenzy Quilt. So, grab yourself an appletini and let’s party!! You definitely want to keep reading because, like most of my pattern releases, I have a treat for you.

Close of of the bats in the Twilight Frenzy Quilt

Tiny Frights Fabric

For the Twilight Frenzy quilt I used Ruby Star Society’s new line Tiny Frights. The glow in the dark eyes? captivated me and the colors found within the line pushed me into releasing the Twilight Frenzy Quilt pattern this year instead of next year. I love the pink purples!! They work so well together and create a gradient effect if you place them just right. There are so many good things you can find within the line. Like the hand breaking out of the ground, the trick or treat candy and the owl, oh my gosh, I love the owl… My favorite that trumps all the others is the roses with all the thorns. I need to get me some of the black and grey of that print. Which print is your favorite from the Tiny Fright line??

Tiny Frights Fabric by Ruby Star Society

True Threads Quilting

I am so happy to have met Erynn of True Threads Quilting while I was a vendor at the Quilt, Craft and Sewing Festival. She is a long arm quilter that has her own business Phoenix, AZ. She reached out last month and sponsoredthe Great Jelly Roll Bash and we have been in contact ever since. Erynn is the sweetest!! I am so honored that she quilted this quilt. I am my own worst enemy and had a crazy deadline because I will be teaching this pattern at By and By this month (click here to register for it). Erynn was so easy to work with. 

Hobbs batting is my favorite. I used wool and black cotton it's like a zebra
Twilight Frenzy Quilt Pattern

I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to use my go to batting which is Hobbs Heirloom wool or black cotton batting. Eryn suggested using both. I instantly said yes!! The texture that she was able to achieve is absolutely beautiful!! Extreme puff. The design she quilted is made up of swirls and stars. Perfect for my Twilight Frenzy Quilt. It adds movement and makes me think that the bats are enjoying a breezy night’s flight. Don’t you just love it?? I love me some good loft and this quilt has it all. Perfect for all the snuggles and comfort our quilts offer. If you have a quilt that you would like to get quilted head over to her website because she is the best!! 

Twilight Frenzy quilt

Here in Tucson, you can watch the fruit bats come out from under bridges when the sun goes down. The bridges near Cambel and River have the best viewing spots. It is right on the bike path, and it is so much fun to watch them take flight. You would think they have had a few to many appletinis because they fly every which way, even upside down. It seems like they don’t know what they are doing. However, they eat bugs just like a hummingbird and although they are not as elegant as a hummingbird in flight, they can differently get the job done.

I don't usual drink but let's have a fun green appetini and toast to a pattern release party


The Giveaway is closed – Adrian Wyatt you are my winner. I will send you an email asking for your mailing address. I have collected an assortment of half yard cuts of Tiny Frights. That’s right guys, I am giving away a bundle of half yard cuts of Halloween fabric! Purchase a pattern from or my Etsy shop from now until Oct the 31 to enter. For a bonus entry leave a comment below. To celebrate the release of Twilight Frenzy I have all of the patterns in the shop on sale. Enjoy 15% off until Halloween with code TwilightFrenzy. I will announce the winner on Oct 31!! Good luck!

Happy Quilting!!

Quilts backs are my favorite
This is a fun Halloween themed quilt and it's a pattern release day so let's have some fun!

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The Comments

    October 13, 2023

    Love the new pattern!congrats!

    • Annelies
      > MELISSA d
      October 13, 2023

      Thank you!! I like to think of it as a batty gingham.

  • Jen Rhodes
    October 13, 2023

    Just purchased!!! This is absolutely adorable!

    • Annelies
      > Jen Rhodes
      October 13, 2023

      That is wonderful to hear!! Thank you so much!!

  • Sara
    October 13, 2023

    So cute! Gotta love a good bat project! Just purchased, now to toil over fabrics i want to use. ☺️

    • Annelies
      > Sara
      October 13, 2023

      That’s the funnest part!! My quilter (True Threads) is going to make it in Ghastlies… I can’t wait to see that that will look like. I would love to see whatever you make so you will defiantly have to tag me so I can share. Thank you so much fur your purchase it really means a lot to me.

  • Kathy Hellesen
    October 13, 2023

    I saw this on the by and by website and I’m obsessed! Not in Ariz so can;t take the class but will purchase the pattern.

  • cathy
    October 14, 2023

    Love the quilt! My year is filled with finishing a bunch of older quilts. I love the purples and the grays in this line.

  • Diane
    October 14, 2023

    I’m so glad I saw this in the C+S group yesterday- had to get the pattern right away! Love it! 🦇

  • Doreen S
    October 14, 2023

    Simply adorable! and the colors are perfect!

  • Sally
    October 19, 2023

    Cant wait until your class
    On saturday
    See you there