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Crosses Galore

A quilt for Valentina

I finished this baby quilt just in time for Christmas. It was a gift for Valentina, my nine-month-old niece. You may remember it from past posts like Sugar Pop and Status update. It features fabric by Liz Scott from her Sugar Pop line. I love, love, love it! The colors are so bright and fun. Perfect for a precious little girl.

I had been super busy splitting my time between my two jobs, The Sonia Project and holiday preparation. The only way I was able to find time to sew was in the mornings before work. My goal was to complete one row each morning. Some mornings I would accomplish this goal, others mornings sleep would win. Either way, with this plan of attack I was able to finish this quilt.

Creating this quilt was fairly simple. All of the pieces of fabric were cut into 5” squares so all the lines are straight sewing seams. The most difficult step was keeping the cross pattern repeating. To help me with this, I laid out all of the squares on the floor next to me and pulled two squares at a time and sewed them together.

My favorite part about making this quit was experimenting with machine quilting. With a ruler and (brand new) special markers, I drew lines all over the quilt top. These where my guideline for topstitching the sandwiched quilt together. Using 3 or 4 different stitches, I machine quilted it in one sitting. I hope you like it!!

Back view of the quilt for Valentina
Close up on baby quilt
Back and front view of my baby quilt for Valentina
Another View of my Quilt for Valentina
A quilt for Valentina

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  • v.r. mancha
    June 23, 2015

    i truly love how play with the color schemes. You have a great eye when it comes to that.

    Amazing work Moo!!!!
    Keep it up and you will get to where you want to get to. I know so.