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Hope and Health Scarf DIY

As I was walking around Joann’s looking for flannels to use an a Rag Time Quilt, I ran across the knit section. I saw a beautiful purple knit and thought that it would make the perfect scarf. A couple of weeks later as I was brain storming for Hope and Health fundraising ideas, I thought of that material and I was able to squint (able to see the project made) I believed that they would turn out cute and make a great item to sell. I had bought a scarf from another fundraising event. It was for creative kids a couple Christmases ago and it made a great gift.

Scarf DIY project – Quick and Easy

10″ of a knit fabric
21″ of Lace
1 iron on Label
Matching thread

First I cut my fabric 10 inches wide leaving that salvage-to-salvage length alone.
Then I trimmed the salvages off.

Cut the lace into 2 10″ lengths.

Pinned the lace to the raw edges of the knit fabric.

Stitched the lace onto the fabric with a fun and fancy stitch.

Ironed on the label.

Stitched a Zig-Zag stich around the label.


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