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Snow Globe Wall Hanging – DIY

News flash — We have less than two weeks until Christmas!!! AHHHHHH!! It’s the perfect time to show you what I have been working on. Ever since I made my Peppermint Way Table Runner, as I cut out the English paper piecing parts, I saw the hole of the ring as a snow globe. The peppermint ring had the perfect base for the globe, too. As I was working with the pinks and red fabrics from Jill Howarth and her Way Up North line for Riley Blake Designs, there was one Santa scene that kept speaking the word snow globe to me . . . Okay, not literally but when I would see the scene, that is exactly what I would think. I have been dreaming about this wall hanging ever since. I just love how it turned out. A Santa on a train in the mountains. How perfect is that. It was a project that needed to be done. I have provided you with a quick tutorial on how you can make your own Santa Snow Globe wall hanging.

Items needed

Making the Snow Globe

Download and print your Santa Snow Globe wall hanging template pack. Use card stock on page one and regular paper for page two. I like to use card stock because it gives it a nice edge to EPP. Cut out your paper EPP template snow globe and letter. Use your EPP template as a guide, adding a healthy 1/4″ around them to cut your fabrics. Clip the curved edges so it lays flat. With the good side showing, fold the edges around the EPP template. Add glue to the edge of the paper template and press the fabric to the paper. Do this for all three pieces. (For more info on EPP past posts: What is English Paper Piecing? or What is Paper Piecing? (interview)) Iron pieces. Using a ladder stitch, hand stitch the two base pieces together. Then stitch the globe to the base.

Making the background

Start with a 13.25″ x 12″ rectangle of background fabric. Sew your bottom fabric (8″ x 12″) to the background fabric. Fold the length in half. Place one side of the ruler at the edges of fabric and the other 2″ above the edge of the fabric (and middle of wall hanging). This will make a banner effect on the bottom of the wall hanging.

Noel letters

Iron a double-sided fusible webbing to the back of a red fabric. Use the instructions that come with the fusible webbing. Remove paper. Trace the letters to the back of the fabric. Cut out the letter.

Putting the Santa Snow Globe wall hanging together

Place the snow globe on top of the background, slightly lower than the line between the two fabrics. Top stitch the snow globe down. Out of clear vinyl, use the snow globe template to cut another circle. Place it on top of the snow globe. Use a long and closely stitched zigzag to finish the edges of the snow globe. Stop before you finish, leaving a 1 1/2″ left to stitch. Open it up and pour in some glitter. Finish stitching the the rest of the snow globe.

Note: Sewing on vinyl can be hard. You can buy a Teflon foot that is made specifically for sewing with vinyl. However, if you place painter’s tape on the bottom or place fabric between your foot and the vinyl it will make it so much easier.

Place the letters on the top area above the snow globe. When you like where they are, iron them in place.

Quilt your wall hanging

Sandwich your top with backing and batting. I used lines close together to quilt mine and stopped at the edges of the snow globe so it would pop. I also didn’t quilt over the letters so they would also pop out, instead I used a blanket stitch on the edge of the letters to finish the word Noel.

Trim down to 10 3/4″ x 19 1/4″ and bind the wall hanging.

I love the way it turned out and hope you love it too!!

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