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Christmas Projects – Santa Doorknob Bells

Guess what? It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… and Christmas decor is popping up everywhere. This weekend, while I was searching for some fun items to use in photos, I was totally sidetracked with a Michaels Christmas sale. A whopping 70% off all Christmas items, plus I had a 20% off my entire purchase. BAM. That’s how I roll! I love coupons. Wholeheartedly, I jumped into their marketing trap and came home with a few Christmas projects. I wanted to show you these shabby chic Doorknob Bells I got at Michaels. They are super cute the way they come, but I thought I would add a special touch with some extremely cute Santas. I used my scraps from Way Up North fabric line by Jill Howarth created for Riley Blake Designs. Earlier this year, I made a fun table runner with my pattern called Peppermint Way Quilt. I had some extra fabric because I chose to use different fabric for my binding and backing. I’ve been saving these scraps for some extra special projects. Theses bells were easy to upcycle. This is how I made these festive Santa Doorknob Bells.

Items needed:

One strip of green gingham 2 1/4″
Two pom poms
Four Santa ornaments (sewn to felt, then cut out and add thread)
Doorknob Bells

One strip of green gingham

I folded the strip in half and ironed it. Then I used the crease in the middle of the strip as a guide. I folded each edge of the strip to the center crease and ironed them flat. Then I folded the two sides together and ironed it flat. This creates a nice finished strip that measures 5/8″. Topstitch both edges. Feel free to change the size of the fabric or even use a ribbon.

Pom Poms

I made some pom poms last year using the Boye: Pom Pom Tassel Maker. Not sure that I love the design but it kinda works. If you have any favorite ways to make them, let me know because mine are a little funny looking.

Santa Ornaments

I cut four Santas out of Way Up North Main Peach. Leaving lots of space around each Santa, I placed the Santas on felt and outlined them using my sewing machine. I trimmed each Santa very close to the stitches. Then with a needle I added an extremely thick thread. The thread was about 86″ long (I did two arm widths as my measurement). I doubled up so I could see the green more easily.

Putting the Doorknob Bells Together

1- I arranged each Santa so there would be a waterfall effect, having Santas visible over the length of the bells, peeking out in dead spaces. I tied the thread to the top ring and trimmed the excess thread.
2- I pinned the pom poms to the Santas.
3- Tie the gingham to the top of the bells.

That’s it!! Super easy. Totally cute. Really fast.

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