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Celebrating June Dairy Month: Week 3

Week 3 already!! My yogurt crush continuous… I made this scrumptious soup at the end of last week. It was one of those days where nothing sounded good. I didn’t have all of the proper ingredients but I didn’t feel like cooking and really didn’t feel like eating out. So gave the Cream of Asparagus Soup recipe a whirl (from Even though I substituted many items and added in a few extra ones, it turned out great.

I have always wanted to cook something with leeks this was my chance. Unfortunately I didn’t buy 3, I only bought 1. To make up for this I added in a chopped white onion. Since I used up all of my Spinach (for my spinach dip) I added regular lettuce. Garlic might just be my favorite thing to cook with so I added two cloves but skipped the ground spice cloves. I added extra yogurt because lets face it the creamier the better.

I strongly believe that substituting and changing items in a recipe is ok. If it is dried instead of fresh or leeks instead of onions, cook with what you have. Feel it out. Find the ration. But be reasonable. Find an item that taste similar. Unless you have both dishes in front of you there is no way to tell.

3 forks

Quote from the husband – “Texture is a little weird but it tasted GREAT!”

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