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Celebrating June Dairy Month: Week 4

Today marks the last day of June Dairy Month. My yogurt crush has introduced me to many new recipes. I have used yogurt in my dinner dish, appetizer, and soup. For the last recipe I made a Lemon Tart. Now, I was very skeptical. Weeks before, I tested yogurt in a pasta sauce. I thought a creamy lemon sauce would go nice with shrimp and pasta. When I added in the lemon juice it curdled.

I couldn’t wait to make this recipe. It is on the cutest blog: Happy Yolks. Wanting Vale to be able to eat it I made a few changes.

First I substituted the sugar for Truvia.

Then I had to find a way to take out the white flour. I was not happy with what I decided on, it was a combination of Oat flour, Wheat flour and Rolled Oats.

This will need to be tweaked because it turned out dry.

The filling was very easy.

When the ingredients are in the correct sequence… adding the eggs and Truvia to the yogurt and then adding the lemon juice, there was no curdling. 
It turned out great! Like I said the crust was dry but with the light creamy custard on top make it was less noticeable. It was compared to Key lime Pie. I liked it a lot!! I plan on play with the crust until it is perfect. It was a fast dessert to make and very simple. I give it 3 forks. But only because of the crust.

I hope you enjoyed cooking with yogurt as much as I did. I have a few more recipes to try and
I will share them with you in the future. Thanks for stopping by!!

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