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Yoya Quilt meets Michael Miller

Yoya Quilt

I love how this quilt turned out so much!! After I made the pattern for the Yoya quilt and tested it once, I decided it would be the quilt I make as the Michael Miller Challenge Quilt for QuiltCon 2018. Sadly it didn’t make the show, but I did go to QuiltCon in California this year and decided to bring my Yoya quilt with me. I thought about staying in a hotel but ended up subletting an apartment (think Airbnb or Trip Advisor) because what better opportunity to take some nice Quilty photos. My couches are really dark and my furniture doesn’t really lend themselves to quilt pictures so I am always looking for places to take pictures of my quilts.

I was able to pick out a location with a nice couch and a cute bed. I was so excited, I never stopped to think about the fact that I was staying in an apartment where many other people have held the same key. It wasn’t until I was there alone when that anxiety hit me.  I think it was because the apartments doorknob was loose when I entered into the front door. Luckily, I had my tiny sewing machine screwdriver and was able to fix it in less than a minute. However, the feeling lingered over my stay. Since the apartment’s living room and bedroom were in the same room and the outside door was also in that same area, I left my bag and sewing machine in the middle of the room acting as obstacles. And yes, I slept with my rotary cutter on the night stand. I felt absolute silly because I had stayed in rentable homes/apartments before but always with my husband or other family members. But it was all worth it!!

I got fabulous photos, the apartment was cheaper then the hotels close to the Convention Center and had an incredible time at QuiltCon.

If you would like to get a copy of the Yoya quilt pattern, head over to my Craftsy shop by clicking here.

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