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Halloween Bags

The evening bat clutch:

A fun and flirty Halloween clutch. I had a different design for in mind. When I drew up all of these project concepts, but as I progressed on the different projects, a thought occurred to me…my New Year’s resolution fits perfectly with making these Halloween Bags!

We’re already well into the second half of the year, and I have only completed two bags from The Bag Making Bible I am so behind. As a result, I tossed out the design of a zipper purse and started working on this leather clutch instead.

This bag is based off the third pattern in The Bag Making Bible by Lisa Lam called, The Cocktail Ruffle Clutch. I modified it because I thought the bat would be a perfect front for this clutch.

I modified it a little, okay… more than a little, but I will come back to this pattern to learn the techniques I skipped. Thinking it would add a special touch, I used a blend of scraps for the bat strips, and the focal of the bat is made with Cotton + Steel. I love how all of the Cotton + Steel colors in their collections blend so well together. Very Smart C.S. ladies!

I had never sewn with leather before this clutch. Actually, I was dreading it. I thought this project was going to be difficult; mostly feared it would ruin my sewing machine. I was completely sure that it would be a nightmare so I called Las Cruces Bernina Sewing and Design, the store that sold my QE Aurora 440, to ask if I could sew leather with my machine and they said yes, I would just need a leather needle. That took me to Quilt Basket my LQS to buy my needle and asked again and got the same answer. I got the reassurance I needed. So I took a deep breath and buckled down. Surprisingly, I finished this bag in a day!  It was hard to maneuver because the leather is thick and squared, but I finished it — I really like it.  

Today I have two Halloween Bags for you

The first of two halloween bags is a clutch

Here are some tips on sewing with leather:

  • 1. You need a leather needle.
  • 2. Take your time.
  • 3. You can iron the back of your leather, but test a small scrap first. When you are done with the iron, wipe it off with some scrap fabric. I say this because the item I ironed directly after the leather had a little brown residue transferred to it.


More than a bat tote-

Although this bag was the last project I started in this Spooky Series, it has been on the back  burner simmering waiting until I mentally pieced all of its components together. I am surprised!!! I feel very confident in my bag making skills. Lately I have made a lot of them like, the Easter Bag-sket, Travel Bag, the Beetle Bag, the Book Bag, the Reversible Bucket Bag, the Car Trash Bag and the Ditty Bag. I had a lot of fun using techniques learned from these patterns and adding them to this bag. Taking it all of the way to the concept I drew to the actual three dimensional item that I created and can use. Finishing this bag has put a simile on my face from ear to ear. I just love creating! Don’t you!?

I just love how these Halloween Bags turned out. I would like to see your favorite bags. Post a link to your favorite pattern of a bag or even one that you have bought!

Bag number two of my Halloween bags is a tote with bats pieced into them.

The following is a recap of this Spooky Series:

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