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How to make your own Car Trash Bag (video)

As I watched new baby birdies stretch their wings and bunnies scamper through my front yard this morning, I remembered that Easter is almost here. I wanted to improve and actually make a pattern for my Easter bag-sket but time got the best of me. Instead, I am going to walk you through the making of a reversible, waterproof car trash bag. By video!! I made the pattern for this project about three years ago. You will need it, so click here to get the free downloadable pattern and then print it out. This was the very first pattern I ever made. I have one of these bags in my car. If you hang it behind the front passenger head rest, the driver of the car will have easy access to it. They make a perfect gift, so I always make at least two at a time when I make them. You should make your own Car Trash Bag, too.

The Vinyl

The reason why it is waterproof is because I use iron-on clear vinyl to the cotton fabric. It comes with its own instructions, so save them and follow them. Vinyl gives it a nice texture, weight, and quality. Buying a full bolt of the vinyl with a 40% off coupon at is a great way to save some money. I did and with this project the bolt is finished. Hooray!! It feels great to finish what I have on hand.

The Fabric

Some of the fabric I use in this tutorial is Forest Floor by Bonnie Christine for Art Gallery Fabrics. I think the bunnies are adorable and I just love the colors. This bag is mine! The bag will be the perfect upgrade from a pattern testing bag I currently have to this new bag with luscious fabric. A gift to myself! I hope you enjoy this video and that all the questions you may have are answered. It’s my second one ever!! EEEKKK. Please excuse my lack of experience. I am still in the “learn as you go” period.

How to Make Your Own Car Trash Bag

Thanks for watching and Sew On!!

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