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Every sewer needs The Beetle Bag

The first time I realized that I needed a sewing kit for my car was when I took my first sewing class at Bernina Las Cruces. Me and my mom signed up for the class making the Travel Essentials bag. I think I must have spent an hour getting all of my tools together putting them into different bags. I had not REALLY attempted to sew on my Bernina 440 so I decided to take my old Phaff. After I pack and loaded all of my stuff into my car I was off to my mom’s to load her stuff into my car. Let’s just say I was a mess that day and boy I was nervous.  I knew there had to be a better way. I found that way hanging on the wall at my LQS (the Beetle Bag pattern) and bought it right then. No hesitation. No hummm… should I buy it, do I have the money right now, can I make it or will I even use it. It was a done deal.

The Beetle Bag

I started working on it when I invaded my mom and dad’s house while I was house sitting and finished just in time to take it to Sew-A-Palooza. The pattern was fairly easy to fallow. It only took me a few weeks of #lunchbreaksewing and then I was done.

My favorite part about the bag is the way the plastic pockets attach into the bag. It is genius!! Then name of the pattern is The Beetle Bag by Abbey Lane Quilts. The name of the pattern comes from its closure, it looks like the actual back of some bugs. The fabric I used is FELICITY by CYNTHIA COULTER (yes again). What needs a little tweak are the fabric inside pockets. When my scissors are put in them they fall out so I need to at something else, maybe a button, hair tie or some ribbon. I will have to think about that one.

If you look closely you will find that I added some lace to trim each opening edge. I wish I could say that I am a sewing guru or maybe a trend setter. But no, I made a booboo. In the mist of one of my, oh so loved, #lunchbreaksewing sessions I cut the outside piece of my bag out. (after it had been quilted)  As I was cutting my 4th and final side I made a partial (2 inch deep) cut, one whole inch short. I almost DIED. Here is what I did to fix it>> First I ironed on an interfacing to attach the two edges. Second I zig zagged the two edges together. Third I added the lace to the outside to hide to. Do you think it worked? Do you think it looks ok with the lace?

As always, I learn by mistakes. You know what they say “measure twice and cut once”. Now I totally agree.

I love this beetle bag and want to make more. Recently I have make a different sewing bag, click here to read about that one. 

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