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My Halloween Decorating Tip

Today I am sharing my number one Halloween decorating tip. When decorating for the holidays, a great, easy way to set a festive mood around the house is with pillows. In a rental space, this simple arrangement is neat because you save your walls from having any holes due to decorations. If cutting down on the clutter is a must, a great space saver is to make pillow covers; by doing so, you can put the relevant holiday pillowcases over your couch pillows. In the past, I did this when decorating for Christmas. This year for Halloween, I made two fully stuffed pillows, one for me and one for a friend.

I’m proud to say I didn’t use regular stuffing. I’ve been collecting all of my small useless fabric scraps from trimmings from cuttings, trimming blocks, and squaring off the quilts. I have such a hard time parting ways with any fabric, and now I can use them as stuffing and they won’t end up in a landfill. I filled these pillows with a combination of fabric scraps and polyfill to even out the lumps from the scraps. The front of the pillows use strips cut based off of the BAT Tutorial , however I altered them. What is your favorite decorating tip? Tell me in the comments below.

Halloween Decorating Tip – Pillows

Instead of using 2.5” strips of fabric, I used 6” of colored fabric, and 5.5” of black fabric. I cut them in half making :

4 strips of color fabric (6” x 20”)
2 strips of black fabric (5” x 20”)

Taper the fabric sets in two different directions, and then cut them in 5” strips for the bat wings, and 2” strips for the bat body  

I used the exact strips for the bat building block, but changed the placement of the pieces. I sewed the bat bodies together and did the same for the bat wings.

Here are some more Finished Mini Quilts. They look great on the wall or display them on the coffee table. My favorite Mini is the one that is featured in What is a Mini Quilt Swap?

The following is a recap of this Spooky Series:

Cross Body Bag
Some Mini Quilts
Two Pillows
Friendship Jewelry
Evening Clutch & More than a Tote Bag
Bat Quilt

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The Comments

  • Melinda Davis
    October 24, 2015

    Such great ideas, love it as always! Where did you get the fabrics?

    • Elisabeth DeMoo
      > Melinda Davis
      October 25, 2015

      Thanks Min!! I got the the Spellbound fabric from Southern Fabric ( and I got the glow in the dark ghost fabric from a little shop in South Carolina. So which one do you want… One of the Mini quilts or a Pillow??