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The Rug Quilt Quilt-A-Long: Adding Caps


Today we will finish off your blocks by adding caps and then squaring them off. We will also cut the blocks on the edges of the quilt in halves or quarters. If you are using four different whites, make sure to use the same white already found in that block. Don’t forget to head over to Instagram and share your progress with #theRugQuiltALong and #trqalweek4 (each week this hashtag changes). The winner of step three is @quiltsintexas. Congratulations and thank you for your participation!! I am just squealing with excitement each time I see a new picture posted.  So thank you for making my day! I hope taking the week off was okay with you. I didn’t know what to expect and am truly surprised that everyone is keeping up to date. Good for you! OK, let’s get to it. 


  • Locate your three extra full-strips of white and three half-strips of white. Cut in increments of 3.25”. There will be twelve for each colored set of working blocks. They will measure 3” x 3.25” for a total of 36.
  • Center and line up the edge of a small white square to the edge of the top of the working block. Pin in place. Rotate the working block. Then center and line up the edge of a small white square to the edge of the bottom working block. Pin in place. Sew the top and bottom cap in place.
  • Iron flat
  • Cut your working block into a square block using the corners of the colored edges as your guide. Measure .25” after the corner edge and cut. Do this to all edges. Your finished block size is (about) a 14.25″ square. Place each block on the cutting mat. If you find blocks that need adjusting, trim the access fabric off. There are a lot of seams so it’s ok if they are not perfect. Try not to stretch your blocks too much here.



  • Take some time laying out your blocks. Take photos of the different layouts you play with. Your phone works perfectly for this. That way you can decide which layout works best. I used the middle layout. The blocks on the edges of the quilt will be cut in half. The blocks on the corners will have to be cut in quarters.
  • After you have decided on the layout of the quilt and the positioning of the colored blocks, cut the blocks on the edges and corners. Cut three blocks in half and cut one block into quarters. halfquartercutblocks
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Picking your fabrics
Cutting and sewing strips 
Making your blocks
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