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The Rug Quilt Quilt-A-Long: Block Construction



trqalw3I am so happy to see the progress!! I just love your fabric choices.  I love it when things start coming together. Head over to Instagram and share your progress with #theRugQuiltALong and #trqalweek3 (each week this one will change). The winner of step two is @Mumbird3.  Thank you so much for your participation!! Remember if you haven’t joined in yet, you can at anytime. The more times you post on Instagram with the hashtags, the better your odds are to win a prize.

For the second step of this Quilt-A-Long, we are working on our blocks. Let’s break it down.


We now have twelve rectangles out of our different strip sets: R1 from strip set 3, R2 from strip set 5, R3 from strip set 7 and R4 from strip set 9. There are less strips because we cut R4 in half, we only need sixThis might vary for you depending on how wide your fabric was salvage to salvage.  Also, if you are not careful when cutting, you could have less rectangles.


    • Pin and sew an R1 to an R2. Make sure you nest your seams. If they don’t nest, try flip the rectangle around or try a different rectangle. Do this for a total of twelve. 
    • Pin and sew an R3 to an R4. Do this for a total of six.


  • Pin and sew an R3 to the other side of the R2. Do this for a total of six.
  • Pin and sew an R2 to the other side of the R3. Do this for a total of six.
  • Rotate, pin and sew R3 to the other side of R4. Do this for a total of six.
  • Press flat.


Repeat for all of your color variations. Come back next Thursday and we will finish all the blocks.

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Picking your fabrics
Cutting and sewing strips
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  • Mumbird3
    October 27, 2016

    Wahooo!!!!! Putting a new blade in the rotary cutter!