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Elephant Cavalcade Tuffet

What is a celebration of colors, flowers, wisdom, and prosperity?? It is what Michael Miller’s new line Elephant Cavalcade encapsulates. Twenty unique and eye-catching fabrics complete this whimsical line of fun. It has it all: strips, borders, animals, and great blenders. I can’t decide which fabric is my favorite… Well, no, my favorite is the Royal Elephant, but after that, it is hard to decide. The stripe. Any simple stripe is a fun way to shake things up, and I love them, except the mandala. That is my second favorite and it might be tied for first. The colors play perfectly together, dancing in unison. I love purple and this line embraces it, making it one of the darkest fabrics in the line. Discover the endless possibilities Elephant Cavalcade has to offer.

strips of Elephant Cavalcade fabric make up the wedge

Elephant Cavalcade

I found the perfect way to use my advance yardage of this line. I have had a Tuffet assembly kit for years now. Waiting on the perfect fabrics. I have been waiting for purples that lean into a pink. That pink-purple in Elephant Cavalcade will be perfect for my bedroom. An artist and friend of mine refinished a claw foot bathtub. When she moved, my husband and I bought it from her. It is where I keep plants in front of a large window that is in our bedroom. It is so beautiful!! I love waking up to the large elephant ear colocasia and monstera. The bathtub has a pink-purple on the outside of it. So, this tuffet will be just right.

Making the Tuffet

I love working with strips, so this project was an absolute joy to create. It was a quick finish. I would be sneaking some sewing in before work and during lunchtime, and before I knew it, I was ready to start assembling the tuffet. The kit has foundation pieced templates that you iron onto muslin fabric. When I started, I didn’t read the directions, so I started piecing directly on the fusible template. I got one seam sewn, attempted to iron it, and then pulled out the pattern and directions. LOL. I love how the fabrics look and how they blend and abruptly change.

Putting the tuffet together was a little awkward. When I first attempted to put the layers together and pull the tuffet top over the stool it wasn’t easy, so when it was time to put it together, I went rough. I cut 2 circles out of the thick batting from the kit. I placed that on top of the stool, and then I folded the edges so I would have less fabric to pull. This worked great, making it easy. I now think I could have used all the batting instead of using pieces of it. Oh well. Next time I make one, it will be so easy to create.

Learning something new with each project is something I love. I had never heard of an upholstery needle. I was a little late when I realized I needed it, so I got it on Amazon. It was easy to use and pushing the button into the stool really took the look to another level.

If you like this project and want to create one yourself, click here to get a kit.

A Tuffet makes a great Jelly Roll project

More Elephant Cavalcade to come

If you want to buy fabrics from this line, Etsy has some great options. Always make it fun with Michelle Miller, check out their hashtag on Instagram and share your projects using their fabrics with that hashtag as well. Next Tuesday, I will be joining in on another Block Mania block hop. My block will be using these fabrics, and I may just have a fat quarter set to giveaway. I wish you a wonderful Quilty Friday!!

My new tuffet next to my purple tub and plants