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Quilty Design Wall Upgrade

Today I have a video for you!! Videos are very time consuming to make, and it always means that my nails must look somewhat nice. So historically, I haven’t made as many as I would like, but my goal this year is to make more of them. Soooo I bring you the first video of the year! This video is all about upgrading my design wall. The design wall that I have had for the past year was a simple cut of felt off of the bolt I bought from Joann’s. This has worked for me, but sometimes it falls off the wall and can look a little messy at best.

I came across felt wall panels and instantly knew that I wanted to make a design wall out of them. I found a couple of different companies that make these felt panels that go on walls and decided to buy the one I found on Amazon. There are also a few different shapes, but since I love hexagons, and they have become a staple in my pattern design, I went with them.

Click here to see the quilts I have designed and made with hexagons.

The wall that I used is a brick wall, so I don’t have to worry about what will happen when I take them off the wall. But I don’t plan on taking them down. If you are interested in making your own design wall and would like to see the ones I used, click here.

Quilt Design Wall Upgrade

The video takes you through the process I took when creating the wall.

  • Scrubbing the panels so they had more grip.
  • Painting some of the panels.
  • Taping them to the wall so I could figure out what design I wanted.
  • Removing the paper from the back of the felt panel so I can fix them onto the wall.
  • Taking a set of quilt blocks and placing them on the design wall.

I have a bunch of small pins that I have placed on the edges of the design wall. So, I don’t have to worry if the blocks will stay or not. If I take a little time rubbing them onto the wall, they are more likely to stay, but I kind of like to put up orphan blocks, mini quilts, and all the things that might weigh more.

I hope you love the video and the new design wall. Hopefully, the background eye candy will look good in videos and give me an incentive to make more videos in my sewing room.

I would love to hear your feedback about the video, so leave me a comment and tell me your thoughts! Thanks so much for watching!

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