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Garden Star Quilt and Pattern

Hi, thanks for stopping by! It’s May Rollout Month here at Brown Bird Designs, and today I’m featuring the second quilt (see the first quilt) using Jack and the Beanstalk fabric. This quilt is my favorite out of the three that I’ll be showcasing this month. I call its the Garden Star Quilt and Pattern, and it’s a one block wonder (like the Moda Love Quilt). Oh how I love them. The idea of one block quilting is simply mind-blowing, and I just had to design one for myself. This pattern calls for a charms and finishes 49″ x 49″. I working on a larger pattern. And yes, I went and did it again, it’s based off the half square triangle. I think I might be obsessed, but in my defense it’s an awesome way to make a quilt top, plus the reward is BIG and the possibilities endless.

Today we are talking about the Garden Star Quilt and Pattern

This is my fist attempt at designing fabric. This line started with the Beanstalk and then grew into something more. The story has so much to work with: the bird, the giant, the boy, seeds, eggs, harps. I had so much fun bringing each item to life. The most challenging part of the process for me was teaching myself how to make a repeating pattern. I’m not sure if I’m finished just yet though, since I’d like to add a cow to the mix, but that will have to wait because it’s time… time to move onto a different design!

I took the Garden Star Quilt and pattern to Organ and got some beautiful photos

I’ve been lucky enough to receive some help leading up to this rollout. Michelle from Brown Bird Designs pieced this quilt together in no time and I think it looks fabulous! Thank you so very much; you’re really an amazing quilter!

Get your copy of the pattern in my etsy shop

Thanks for reading about the Garden Star Quilt and Pattern. I’m adding this pattern to my Etsy store. Feel free to share your thoughts on this pattern, along with your creations. I would just love to see them!

quilt roll
Garden Star Quilt and Pattern
quilt folded and placed on a bike

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