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Thanksgiving veggies

For Thanksgiving, we usually have dinner at my parent’s house, but this year we went to my brother’s house. We all bring food so no one has to do all the work. I was in charge of veggies. When I was in the planning stages, I was thinking of making Brussels sprouts or asparagus. I talked to a good friend of mine and she suggested asparagus wrapped in prosciutto and I thought it sounded amazing. This is how I made it.

Thanksgiving veggies - Asparagus wrapped with prosciutto

Asparagus wrapped with prosciutto

I bought 4 bundles of asparagus since I knew there would be about 30 people. I bought 2 packs of prosciutto and thought I had just bought a bunch of sandwich meats and would use them if needed. I washed the asparagus and clipped the ends off removing the tough and dried-out part. I put 3 to 5 asparagus together and then wrapped the prosciutto around them to create a little bundle.

Asparagus wrapped with prosciutto

I placed them on cookie sheets, drizzled olive oil on the asparagus that was not covered by the meat, and then sprinkled chopped garlic over them.

To finish them off, I put slices of parmesan cheese over them. The oven was already preheated to 450 and I put them in for, about 15 minutes (15 for the smaller ones but I let the larger ones cook 5 min longer) . They were great and looked great on the plate.

Crazy Salad

This hearty salad will compliment any meal. It is a great way to fill you up and at the same time intake all the good stuff you need.

It is a combination of boiled beets (yellow or red), watermelon, feta cheese crumbs, onions, assorted leaves and walnuts.

Add a dressing and it is good enough to eat.

Thanksgiving veggies - Crazy salad

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