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Project #2 for CIMA Hospice

This year, I finally started volunteering. This is something that I have been meaning to do for years. The organization that I decided to help out at is CIMA Hospice.

The first project that I worked on was creating bird mobiles for the rooms of the hospice patients. I also got to help install them and meet some of the patients. I met one lady who was so sweet. It broke my heart because she only had one thing on the walls of her room. She was so excited to get the mobile that when we asked her where she wanted us to put it, she pointed to the only place where something hung. That moment alone made all the work worth it.

Last week, I helped with a second project. The volunteer coordinator and I held a workshop that modified the mobiles into a winter holiday works of art. We created them with branches, fabric birds, ribbon, pine cones, paint, and glitter. We made about 11 of them in about four hours.

Thank you to all the ladies who helped out on these projects. Hopefully they will be enjoyed and welcomed into the patents’ rooms.

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