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The Giving Challenge

Seeing how November is the season of thanks and giving, I have decided to challenge myself to do as much giving as I can. I have many project ideas in mind: Sending old clothing and making blankets for Hurricane Sandy victims, making holiday room decorations for hospice patients, donating jewelry for Maybelle, a girl who has cancer and is raising money to go to the Ellen show (already done), and making pillowcases for local charities.

But good intentions are just that. Who knows what I will actually get done or how many I will make of each. I am truly blessed and thankful for everything and everyone in my life and this might be a way I can show it.

The challenge: To do some serious giving this month and to blog about each project when, and only when, it is done.

Feel free to tell me about ways you give to your community. I would love to get more project ideas to add to my list, so please send me ideas.

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