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Pillowcases Galore

I really don’t need an excuse to sew. But a pillowcase challenge? That is the best excuse ever! I have never made a pillowcase for the bed before, just pillow covers for the living room and bedroom, so why not make five or ten of them.

The challenge is from All People Quilt. They are hoping to have people from around the world make and donate 1 million pillowcases to local charities. Sounds like a good cause and a good way to get some of my stash used up. I made ten in no time featuring all sorts of different looks. Some of the pillowcases are pieced with rectangles, others with half square triangles. Some have a clothe ribbon that wraps around the open side and becomes a cute accent. The cloth ribbon was something I received from a quilts stash after she had past away. I had no idea what to do with the ribbon so I was happy to use it. I also made simple ones like the one in the pattern. Here are the ones that I made. They all are going to Catholic Charities.

Why pillowcases??

There are a few different reasons why a simple item like a pillowcase can be the perfect thing you can made and donate to an organization. First off they are functional and useful as what they are designed to be a pillowcase. Secondly they become a bright spot especially if you use fun kids fabric. A pillowcase can give an emotional boost to a child that is in the hospital or bedridden. In contrast they can become a way to transport items when escaping a bad situation, turning into a bag.

If you would like to learn more about other things I have done for the Giving Challenge click here.

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