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Quilt Scrap Project – Easter Nest DIY

From Scraps to Fabulous

Let’s turn trash into fun!! One of my favorite things is turning scraps into something usable. I do this in many ways. My favorite way, and the one that I have been doing for the longest, is creating dog beds out of the fabrics too small to do something with and the bits of batting that are not useable. I also love turning my scraps into larger quilt sandwiches so I can practice quilting. Then there is always the quilt back. The perfect way to practice improv quilting and put a dent into the scrap bin. Today, I have something totally different: A Quilty Easter Nest quilt scrap project.

We are going to play with the pieces you trim off a quilt to square it up or make it straight. This is a project I always want to share around Easter time but each year I forget to… Not this year. I get to mark it off my list, and oh it feels good.

Things you need to make a Quilty Easter Nest:

A wire hanger
Two strips of fabric about 2 ½” by 20”
(4) Quilt Sandwich scraps 1” by 40”

Quilt Scrap Project

Step 1 of this Quilt Scrap Project

Undo the wire hanger. Work the hanger into a circular shape that starts in the center and spirals outward, getting larger and higher with each ring of the spiral creating a half sphere.

Start on the center of the spiral which will be the bottom of the nest. Using one of the Quilt Sandwich scraps, tie a knot about an inch into the wire. Leave about 4” of the Quilt Sandwich scraps hanging loose. With the longer end of the Quilt Sandwich scraps start weaving it in-between the wires going from one row to the next row and adding knots in sporadically.

When you get to the end of your Quilt Sandwich scraps, locate another one and follow the same process, covering the wire so you are not able to see wire or big gaps. Repeat until all the wire is covered. Really focus on the edges where the wire starts and stops making sure that you cover those ends, so they do not poke anything or anyone.

When you have used up all the Quilt Sandwich scraps work the loose ends into the nest,pushing them into the small crevasses so there is nothing hanging. If there are small parts that won’t hide, cut them off.

Now locate the strips of fabric and tie one into the bottom of the nest. Work it into the nest by weaving it into multiple rows and fully covering any gaps in the bottom of the nest.

Step 6 in this Quilt Scrap Project

Use the other scrap of fabric on the other edge of the wire that is on the outer top edge of the nest. Work it over the wire and into a few rows in the area of the nest.

Quilt Scrap Project for Easter. It's a quilty nest.
I hope your easter is so wonderful!!

These Quilty Easter Nests are sew cute!! They are perfect to help you decorate the table for easter. They would actually look great with the Bunny Tail Napkin Ring.

I would love to see the Quilty Easter Nest you make. Share them on Instagram using #QuiltyEasterNest and tag me at @brownbirddesigns .

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