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Top 5 Mountain Breeze Pattern layouts

Happy New Year!! I hope you had a wonderful holiday. I went back to New Mexico to see my family and got to see my husbands family as well. We had a wonderful time. While I was there, I couldn’t help myself… I just had to see how my last pattern, the Mountain Breeze Quilt, would look in different pattern layouts by pulling many fabric swatches from different designers and manufactures. If you are like me, you get lost in all the possibilities. Come with me and enter my dream world of what if. This is the place where my mind spins round and round like a record player. Usually, happening sometime in the middle of the night after my cats or dogs have woken me up.

1) Kiss of Sun

First off is this soft yellow pallet. It features six fabrics that repeats itself over and over again. These are all Art Gallery Fabrics that are part of the Honey Fusion Collection. I love how the gradient dances like a moth to a flame. It is sudden, soft, and dramatic.

2) Black is Back

Black is always in style!! This layout is made of twelve different fabrics from Michael Miller. All the fabrics have black and white in their designs. There are cat paw prints, strips, dots, circles, and more. I created a gradient based on the negative space each fabric has.

3) Fall Sky

Next up, we have one of my current fabric crushes, Floradora from Ruby Star Society by Jen Hewett, that has just hit the stores. I love how bold the orange pops against the deep brown. This has the pretties flowers, and I can’t wait to collect it all. Here I show you a pattern layout that totally different, but it is closer to my original design and am only using six fabrics.

4) Tula Pink – Safari

I love the way that Tula Pink designs fabrics with animals. I have to say that I am a collector of Tula’s fabric. The teals and purples found in her designs are just perfect. This layout of the Mountain Breeze quilt has a few of her most recent lines combined. It features rhinoceros, lion, giraffe, strips, dots, and birds. I love how it looks like sunset and sunrise.

5) Keen Green

I have been wanting to make a sage and green quilt for some time, so I thought this would be a fun rendition of the Mountain Breeze Quilt pattern to do this exercise in pattern layouts. This line, Gingham Fields from Riley Blake by My Mind’s Eye, makes the perfect gradients in green. Creating a gradient in the fabric is not something easy to do, so I love when that happens. For this quilt, I used twenty-one different fabrics, repeating the white in all four different hexagons.

Let me know if the comments below which is your favorite layout from the 5 above or tell me what fabric line you would like to see the Mountain Breeze Quilt in.

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The Comments

  • Gayle Brown
    January 6, 2023

    They all look so different. I am especially drawn to the single color palette of the black and white. It shimmers!

  • Teri
    January 6, 2023

    Love the Black Is Back version.