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Hope’s Path Quilt in Libs

I am so excited to share another rendition of the Hope’s Path quilt made by Susan Wells. This quilt was created with Andover fabrics designed by Libs Elliott. I love the color purple; it was actually the accent color at my wedding. Workshop, the fabric line used in this quilt, came out earlier this year. It offers a full range of colors from pinks to yellows to greens to blues to grays all the way to blacks. The designs found within it are simple and truly abstract.

Color Placement

The way that Susan paired the purple and grey fabrics is perfect. There is contrast between the colors, but it is not a drastic contrast. With a paring like this you see the difference, but the design still speaks as one.

As I was driving around Tucson looking for a place to take quilty photos I found a large metal sculpture at the U of A, called Border Dynamics by Alberto Morackis. I love that the textures in the sculpture are similar to the textures found in the fabrics. Head over to my Instagram account to see the whole sculpture. If you want to read about the Hope’s Path pattern release and the interview about Quilts for a Cause and find out how to enter into the giveaway click here.

Susan has tested a few of my patterns as well as made many quilts from my patterns. The support that I get from the community means so much to me. I am so very grateful to all of my pattern testers. It really helps me put out the very best pattern possible.

Hope’s Path Quilt Kits For Sale

I love diving into the world of what if. There are a few versions you can make with fabric from my shop.

I will be cutting kits of the pattern in golds and gray fabrics, pinks and blue fabrics, and green fabrics. To see the kits in my shop click here. Tell me what fabrics you would like to see as quilt kits in the comments below.

Get the Hope’s Path Pattern, click here.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and get some sewing in.

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