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Terracotta Fiori QAL – Week 8 Binding

Close up on quilt folded with the bound quilt edges showing

We are so close to being done!! The only step left is binding our quilt. Whatever point you are at in the process of quilt making, give yourself a great big hug. You are rocking it!! I’m so happy you’re here and can’t wait to see what you’re working on. 

You can send me photos of your finished quilt and I will add them to this blog post ( 

ready to bind

Until recently, binding has been my kryptonite. It’s only been during the past 2 or 3 years that I’ve found myself comfortable with binding — and I’ve done it every which way. If you’ve thought of it, I have probably tried it. 

A few years back, I started attaching the folded binding to the quilt, then setting the folded edge to the back of the quilt with Steam-A-Seam. It made me slow down and focus on all the steps, taking time to enjoy the process. It also allowed me to stop fighting with the quilt because the binding was already in place. 

Extra Tip: Quilting gloves also help you fight less with your quilt. This is my process…

The Final Step: Binding the Quilt

Squaring Up Your Quilt Top

The ruler size I use is 8 1/2″ x 24 1/2″. Place your ruler at the corner of your quilt top. Line up the long edge of the ruler with one edge of the quilt. Also line up the short edge of the ruler with the other edge of the quilt. Try to get the edges to line up.

When they are as close to straight as possible, trim both edges. Move your quilt so you can trim more of the edge of your quilt and when you get to a corner, place both edges of the ruler over the edges of your quilt.

My Favorite Binding Fabrics

I love me a good striped or gingham fabric for my binding because they add a little bit of fun to the edges. Here is how I do it:

Cut 6  strips at 2 1/2 inches. Then, use the 40-degree line on your cutting mat to cut the edges of your strips into angles. I keep the fabric folded in half, so each side will have opposite angles and each edge will fit with another strip edge. Pin and sew the angled edges together, making sure that your need starts and stops in the V the seam creates.

cutting the binding strips

Press the seams flat. Fold the one edge over so the 2 1/2” binding becomes 1 1/4” and press them together so you get a crisp edge.

preping the binding

Then load them to a Binding Baby. Here is a Time-laps of me loading my binding onto the one I just got for Halloween.

Sew the raw edges of the binding to the top of the quilt’s raw edges. Leave 5 inches of extra binding before you start sewing — and 10 inches of extra binding when you stop sewing. Also, leave a 10-inch gap of unsewn quilt edge.

Sew the binding to the top of your quilt.

When you get to a corner, pinch the binding so it follows both corners and then fold it over.

Lay your quilt top out so your 10 gap is on a flat surface. Lay the longer end of binding down, and along the edge of the raw edge of the quilt. Then, place the shorter edge on top. Using the shorter binding angle as your guide, mark the corresponding angle on the correct layer of the folded binding.

Make sure you add 1/2" to your angled edge before you cut it

Place the longer edge of the binding on the cutting mat’s 40-degree line. Match up your markings with the line. Now, place your ruler 1/2” after the line. This will account for the two seams, so make sure you’re adding more to the binding instead of making it shorter. I accidentally did that once, so now I always double-check this.

Fold the folded edge of the binding over so you see the finished edge on the front of the quilt and press the finished seam. Use clips to hold the binding in place, making sure that the edge will be beyond the top seam. Topstitch the binding close to the edge of the finished binding seam — I usually aim for the inside of my foot. Sew all edges down — and then you are done! 

I use clips to help me bind my quilts

I am so happy we are almost done and I’ve truly enjoyed sewing with you all!! Thank you so much!! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! The prize of a Binding Baby and binding clips from last week is….. winner winner Turkey Dinner …..  Kristy!!

Finishing Up with One Final Prize

UPDATE— Kristy you are the Grand prize winner. This is how I calculated it. I put two entries for each photo posted on Instagram with the #terracottafioriqa. For every four comments on other peoples post I gave you one extra entry. For each finished project gave you two extra entries. Then I used the random number generator three times. Two out of the three times I picked Kristy…. So she is the Grand Prize winner. Congratulations!!! There is one last prize to give away: The Grand Prize. That will be batting, a quilting book, a jelly roll and few other goodies. I will give that one away next Sunday, here on this blog post. So good luck!! I will add the photos of your quilts very soon. Thank you so much for quilting with me!!

If you want to backtrack and visit any of the past steps, here they are.

This shows a close up of the quilting on the top of the quilt, the bound edge of the quilt which is a strip fabric and the backing of the quilt
Sneaking a peek at the backing of the quilt and the binding
The Terracotta Fiori quilt with a garden in the background of the photo

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  • Kristi Van Os
    December 4, 2021

    I’ve had fun making this beautiful quilt. Am I this weeks winner?

  • Cassie
    December 4, 2021

    Like your video of winding your binding on to your Binding Baby, but then how do you use it to put your binding on the quilt???