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Pointed Toe Christmas Stocking Pattern

The days seem to be flying by much quicker than normal. This time of quarantine has allowed me to catch up on a few UFOs and even check some new projects off my list of things to do. With all the face masks I have made and some pattern tests I have done, I have put a good dent in my fabric stash. Do you know what that means?? I have room for new fabric! New fabric days are the best kind of days. Today I get to show off my Christmas Stocking pattern and a new line of Christmas fabric from Riley Blake Designs. It is called Christmas Traditions and Dani Mogstad is the designer behind these hypnotizing threads. 

Christmas Traditions Fabric

For half of my life my favorite color was green, and Christmas Traditions has a lot of it. The designer, Dani Mogstad, starts with a dark green and dances all the way down the color spectrum until it becomes a sweet teal, creating great depth in the fabrics. The fact that it has black mixed in the line is surprising and fun. This line of red, black, and greens is warm and, dare I say, even manly,  yet it still has a soft side. It’s packed with classic trucks, snowmen, snowflakes, Christmas trees, stockings, garlands, and even holiday quotes. Yes, there are even more elements that I left out. It has so much packed into it, but it isn’t overwhelming. It’s a perfect blend of structure and whimsy. 

The project: Pointed Toe Christmas Stocking Pattern

I have wanted to make me and my husband Christmas stockings for years now. They have never been a big thing in my family growing up. In fact I have never received a Christmas stocking full of gifts. With my Dutch heritage, we are more of the wooden clumber by the fireplace kind of family, however we didn’t use those either. When St. Nick stopped by our yearly celebration, we were not left with gifts or candy in our shoes. Instead, in the middle of the gift exchange, there would be a loud knock on the door and then candy rained down upon us. Some might say it was more like we were pelted with candy, but with a sweet tooth like mine, I loved it! 

The pointed toe Christmas Stocking Pattern has 3 different ways you can make it.

The Christmas stocking pattern

This is not your normal Christmas stocking. It has lots of curves and a pointed toe, which adds to the whimsical spirit of Christmas. I like to think that these stockings belong to Santa’s mischievous elves. (Click here to go to the Pointed Toe Christmas Stocking Pattern.) The pattern includes five different designs to choose from: Basic Sock, Appliqué Sock, Striped Working Sock, Peppermint Stocking and Gingham Stocking. If you want to add some extra flare, just add a few pompoms. I sewed some scrap blocks left over from my Interwoven quilt together, used the basic pattern, and I absolutely love how it turned out.

Christmas Stocking Pattern

I hope you enjoy this twist on the normal Christmas stocking and would love to see your creations. Use #PointedToeChristmasstocking when sharing photos of your Christmas stocking.  Christmas Traditions fabric is on sale now at your LQS. Click here to get your hands on some. When sharing the fabric line on Instagram, use #christmastraditionsfabric and take part in the parade of projects created with these festive fabrics.

Christmas decor in the living room with Christmas Stocking hanging by the fire place
close up of the Christmas Stocking
The pointed toe Christmas Stocking Pattern

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