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Good Karma Sew-A-Thon recap

I have found myself at a loss for words as I sat down to try to write this post, the Good Karma Sew-A-Thon recap. During this time of quarantine, I have had a hard time focusing on what to tackle next. Jumping from project to project. Deadlines seem to be the only thing helping to ground me. It is crazy how information changes from day to day. Actually, at this point in time, the CDC now recommends everyone to wear a cloth mask, scarf, or bandana to cover their own mouth because “a significant portion of individuals with coronavirus lack symptoms (asymptomatic) and that even those who eventually develop symptoms (pre-symptomatic)can transmit the virus to others before showing symptoms”. Having that barrier over your mouth will help to keep tiny droplets of saliva out of the air.

I find myself constantly torn on what the correct approach is. In some ways, since I work from home, so much of my life hasn’t changed, but in other ways like my mental space, so much has changed. I hope all of you out there are doing well. I hope you and your family are safe and able to get the relief that you need. And to quote one of my favorite chick flick movies, My Best Friend’s Wedding, this too shall pass.

Gook Karma Sew-A-Thon recap

I am so incredibly grateful to all of the sponsors that generously donated prizes: Oliso, Havel, Riley Blake Designs, Binding Babies, Fat Quarter Shop, and Hobbs Batting. I literally DMed them on Instagram on a Friday and started my Sew-A-Thon the following Tuesday. Without hesitation, each one said yes and simply asked what you need. I use and love their products. When you are able to, I hope you support them right back with a comment or a purchase or a simple thank you!! It is always nice to hear that you’re appreciated. 

Good Karma Sew-A-Thon Recap

Gook Karma Sew-A-Thon recap of the sponsors

Thank you all for sewing along with me in the Good Karma Sew-A-Thon. I am so happy that I weeded out some of my stash and was able to create some much needed protective wear for the community. When I scan thought images using our Sew-A-Thon hashtag I count close to 1,000 masks. You guys are amazing!! This experience has definitely been a whirlwind. All I can say is that if I brought at least one smile to someone’s face or spread some important information, it was a win for me. You all brought a smile to my face by sharing your photos and helping to work through my own emotions. So lets go over the past

Good Karma Sew-A-Thon recap – prizes & winners

qsewcrafty – PRIZE 1 

Diane2461 -PRIZE 2

annettezee – PRIZE 3 

bayoubobbinquilter – PRIZE 4

schimmelbeavers – PRIZE 5
love2kwilt – PRIZE 6 

blueskycrafter – PRIZE 7


quiltressrita – PRIZE 8

Mask tips

1 – Flannel is good for hospital patients to use because it is cool in a hospital. When I was driving around in the Tucson spring heat, the flannel was a little too thick. I have been using double layers of quilting cotton for my own personal masks. This is the tutorial that I used from Craft Passion. I am going to need to tweak the one I made for my husband because the mask for Men was too small for him.

2- Use a different fabric for the outside and inside of the mask. When wearing the mask be consistent on what side you use on the outside.

3 – Taking off the mask matters, so be careful when doing so. Avoid touching the outer layer of the mask. Wash your hands after taking it off. Make sure that you wash your mask after each use and take all normal precautions when you have your mask on.

4 – When washing your masks in a washing machine, put them in a lingerie bag so the ties don’t get mixed up creating a knot with other items.

Gook Karma Sew-A-Thon recap and mask making tips

Food inspiration

One of my largest adjustments has been cooking. I am cooking way more than normal, which has actually been good because somehow we are spending less money. I shared a downloadable printout that is a meal planner when the coronavirus was just starting to make its way into Arizona. In case you missed it, here is a link to that planner. After you go to the grocery store, write down all of the meals you can make with the items you just bought and the items you might have already had. After you make that meal, mark them off.

The planner is helpful a week after going to the store because you can clearly see what meals you have left to make. It’s hard to come up with a new meal to make so here is a recipe resource that offers balanced meal ideas. You can filter the recipes based on what you are making (e.g., breakfast, lunch, dinner, side, dessert). My goal this week is to make the Fruity Yogurt Popsicles, so that I finish the yogurt. That is something I am trying to do — use things before I need to throw them out. Last week, I boiled a bunch of vegetables that were on the verge of going bad (I couldn’t serve them as part of a meal). I had them on a low simmer for half the day and created a wonderful broth that I used later as a base for a curry soup.

The next two weeks goals:

Community challenges – Are you interested in taking part in a block swap?? Loose idea of a block swap – You make 10, 5, or 2 (not a set amount) blocks from specific design decided upon at the beginning of the swap. Then send them to me. I sort them and send you back the same amount of blocks that you sent to me, only they are blocks from others that are participating in the same swap. Are interested in doing something like this, send me an email at . If there is enough interest, I will work on putting something together.

If you have masks ready for donation here are a few location ideas. Dairy Max put this list together for me.

Drs. Linden, Linden, Swanholm, and Tilley
Attn: Lori Griffith
2300 Highland Village Rd Ste#600,
Highland Village, Texas 75077

Tulane Medical Center
Attn: Amy Lassiter
1415 Tulane Ave New Orleans, LA 70112 

East Jefferson Medical Center
4200 Houma Blvd, Metairie, LA 70006

Ochsner Baptist
2700 Napoleon Ave New Orleans, LA 70115

Swedish Hospital
501 E Hampden Ave, Englewood, CO 80113

Rose Medical Center
Attn: Julie Hogan
4567 E 9th St Denver, CO 80220

Medical Masks for Bozeman
Kari Aberly

Relief Crafters of America
Attn: Kiza Moore
930 E Wesleyan DriveTempe AZ 85282

Thanks for hanging out with me as I looked back on the Good Karma Sew-A-Thon recap. Cheers to being healthy, staying safe, and doing what we can to help out in our own small ways!!

Sending you lots of love and good vibes!!


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