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The Giving Challenge 2019

It is with a full and overflowing heart that I can say thank you!! Thank you for stoping by my blog. Thanks for sharing it with your friends, for linking to my content on your site. It is amazing, so thank you so much. Especially, thank you for making something with one of my patterns or tutorials. I have had a really crazy but good year. I am truly blessed. I don’t make a living off of my site but I hope that I am building something beautiful. I have recently added affiliate links to my side bar and that could potentially turn into a revenue stream. So just in case you find yourself thinking, how you can help out a blogger / content creator?? You can click on the ad links that are on their website’s sidebar. Technology today allows sites like BluPrint and Amazon to track where their online costumers came from and they pay a commission to the source of a sale. Amazing right!! Well this lucky duck has gotten some loot in and I want to share it with my readers so… Dun Dun Dun… I am bringing back the Giving Challenge. Yes, that is right it is back!! This November I am going to work my booty off making things for charities. And I will be saying thank you to you readers out there with a few gifts. I am shooting for weekly giveaways, so check back tomorrow for my fist one. 

November is a month that I take in all of my blessings and give back. How? With the Giving Challange.

  • By giving away projects that I’ve created to organizations that work with families or children that need a little extra. Think blankets, pillowcases, heart pillows.  
  • Giving back to the quilting community with giveaways. 
  • And volunteering. 

If you want to participate with me use #thegivingchallange2019. Share your charity projects and gratitude pictures using the hashtag so we can all send some love out into the world. I will post each giveaway here on my blog on outline all the steps for each giveaway. They will likely change so make sure you read all the details. 

Past Giving Challenges


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