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Five DIY projects for your car

Meow and Forever Fabric

Oh my goodness!! I just love this line. Its fishes just make me giggle. The cat whiskers and ears flood me with nostalgia because they make me think of a staple in my home growing up, muisjes (the American word would be sprinkles). Bread with butter and dark chocolate sprinkles was a totally acceptable breakfast for my Dutch parents. And don’t get me started about those cat heads. My Mind’s Eye created all of these mischievous fabrics for Riley Blake Designs. That green and pink combo has been enchanting all of my sewing projects!  The color palette is puuurrrfect. I always love whatever My Mind’s Eye creates. Last year, I went wild with their line called Yes Please. However, I totally out did myself, making five DIY projects for your car. With these cute cats fabrics as my inspiration, I want to make even more, like project bags… Keep scrolling to see what I made.  

Meow and Forever Fabrics by My Minds Eye for Riley Blake Designs
Meow and Forever Fabrics by My Minds Eye for Riley Blake Designs

When I was planning out all of my makes, I had decided on only making DIY projects for your car, like bags. However when I found out that my cousin’s daughter just had her third little girl, I decided that I had to make a baby quilt as well. The blacks, light pinks, and whites made the Rug Quilt a no brainer for me. The way you sew strips together for this quilt makes it come together quickly. A few years back, I had a quilt along that shows how to make it. Click here if you would like to go back in time and quilt along with that past me. Actually a quilt is really a perfect item to have in your car. Especially if you find yourself at a lot of soccer games, picnics, movies in the park, and other fun outdoor events. Quilts make for great floor seating.

The Stash and Dash Bag

By Annie makes the best patterns!! Extremely simple and functional. This cute little number is fun and packed with pockets to hide all your lotions, lipsticks, cables, and other things (or even better — your sewing supplies). It is the perfect size to slide under your car seat so you have it handy at a moment’s notice. Click here to get that pattern for the Stash and Dash bag.

Stash and Dash bag

Car Trash Bag

I created this free downloadable pattern (click here if you want to get the Car Trash Bag pattern) to combat the mess in my car. It is so easy to make and gives your car a little cattitude. If you hang it on the passenger’s headrest, you can easily access the bag from the driver’s seat. I like to add iron-on vinyl to the fabrics used in this bag to protect them from the trash. By doing this, it makes the bag easy to clean. All you need is a wipe.

Car Trash Bag DIY project for your car

Tissue Holder

Now this is a project I have been wanting to make for a long time now. I always need tissues and can never find any in my car. I wanted it to attach it to my sun visor but couldn’t find exactly what I wanted and didn’t have the time to make the pattern myself, so I added Velcro. Ha!! You like my trouble shooting ability, don’t you? Here is a link to the tissue holder project.

Tissue Holder diy project for your car

Rear View Mirror Fish Bones

This project is quirky and funny just like me. I love cats, so hopefully you don’t find it too outrageous. Originally, I wanted to do a whole fish, but I thought the bone would be funnier and allow better visibility. I plan on adding a few drops of a scented oil to the braid so it becomes a functional air freshener.

Fish Bones Rear View Mirror Charm DIY project for your car

These five DIY projects for your car would make wonderful gifts for that car geek in your life or really anyone else that drives. I am totally going to gift some of these items and keep some of them for myself. Have fun decking out your vehicle. I wish you a very happy Valentine’s day full of love and some chocolates, too.

Meow and Forever Fabrics by My Minds Eye for Riley Blake Designs

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