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Salty Creations- Fabric Weaving & More

Fabric Weaving a chain

Before I get to todays scheduled blog post on Salty Creations, I wanted to take a moment to pray for all of those affected by hurricane Florence. I hope everyone stays safe, find shelter, and gets the items they need. My heart goes out to them. It is in times like these I wonder how I can make a difference… When I searched for hurricane Florence I found this on the PBS website. Google is matching donations made to the American Red Cross. That is amazing!! 

  • The American Red Cross has mobilized more than 3,000 disaster workers to help shelter, feed, and support people impacted by Florence. The organization is also marshaling emergency response vehicles and trailers full of equipment and supplies. You can donate online here, or text FLORENCE to 90999 to donate $10. Google is matching donations up to $1 million.
Salty creations inspired by the ocean with Fabric Weaving

Any ideas on how we can make a difference for those harmed by Florence are welcome. I am sending all of you readers out there big hug and lots of love. You guys are awesome!!
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Over the summer me and my hubby went on a two week vacation. My parents are both from The Netherlands and I have aunts, uncles, and cousins that live there. Actually, the whole family was able to go on the vacation. Counting sisters, brothers, nieces, nephews and parents we totaled twenty-one. This was a little challenging at times (especially when eating) but so much fun. We saw many beautiful places and things. Many of my mom’s siblings live in Zandvoort aan Zee so that is where we spent most of our time.

Zandvoort aan Zee is located on the cost of the North Sea and since it is below sea level there green everywhere. Grass, trees, flower, it is beautiful! For this dessert girl it is so far from my daily grid and I want to go back!! Back to the seagulls that interfered with my sleep. The bunkers build during World War 2. Back to the enter winding canals and their relaxing boat rides. And most of all back to all of the desserts and pastries.

The sea has definitely left and impression on me and inspired me to make a few salty creations with Riley Blake Designs fabrics. I made two fabric weavings. The first is a chain weaving (see below for a time laps that shows how I created the weaving) and the second one is of an anchor. This salty set also includes a whale tail and an origami boat made from fabric. The fabric that really moved me to make all these items is a 2017 print from Riley Blake  called ‘By the sea’ Whale Fabric. I featured it in a frame and the water is quilted. It really brings all of the items together. What do you think?

Fabric strips for fabric weaving

My little secret: When making the fabric strips for my fabric weavings I don’t finish them. Most people fold them over again and sew them shut creating a double sided weave. I fold the edges to the middle of the strip and leave them like that. It uses less fabric. Because I use unfinished strips, the back of the weave is fused to fabric keeping it in place. I make them into mini quilts.

To Make the Chain Fabric Weaving used 1″ strips. 

I used a Clover Bias Tape Makers to make a double folded 1/2″ strip. For the project I used the following strips:
White – seventeen 22″ strips and twelve 11″ strips
Blue – eight 11″ strips
Green – four 11″ strips
Teal – four 11″ strips

If you would like to see more on fabric weaving check out my Plus Three Weave by clicking here.

Time Lapse on the Chain Fabric Weaving

Here are a few images of our vacation

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