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Cactus Creations by Michelle

Baby Projects Galore & Cactus Creations!

I have been mesmerized as I watched my sister Michelle create an abundance of prickly things for her sister-In-law, Pos, who is pregnant with her first little one. Cacti have been trending for a while now, so the timing couldn’t be more perfect. Each project that Michelle made was better than the next. Her creations included pillows, a mobile, baby blankets, quilts and more. I couldn’t help but feel inspired and I totally jumped onto the Cactus Creations train. I am making a Mini Cactus Quilt and I will be sharing that free Paper Pieced Pattern soon. Michelle is my mentor and really my favorite person that I talk quilting with. So I decided that you all had to meet her and listen to her process.

How long have you been sewing?

I started sewing in 4-H.  But can remember my mom sewing and me sitting on her lap making Barbie clothes.  I got a toy sewing machine a couple times for Xmas

How long have you been quilting?

I made my first quilt for my first apartment in college.  I was working at a fabric shop and decided that I was going to applique cow spots in blocks.

What is your favorite quilt that you have made?

Hmmmm that is hard I love them all so much.  Maybe the rug quilt with the turquoise and grey.

What was your first thought when you found out that Pos is pregnant?

I was so excited about all the baby stuff that I was going to make.

How did you decide on what theme to use?

Pos said she wanted a cactus theme.  And then everywhere I looked I saw cactus fabric and accents. [Her stash now contains a plethora of cactus fabric; I know because I bought some of them for her]

How did you decide on what to make?

Pos is very picky.  Which is very good for me.  It really helps me decide.  She decided cactus theme before she knew it was a boy or girl.  She picked fabric for a quilt.  I finished the cradle stuff and then she found out it was a boy.  The fabric she picked had some pink in it.  She changed her mind on the crib quilt. So I started over.

What all did you make for baby Vito?

Cradle quilt, bumper, cactus pillow, cactus sashiko pillow, bulldog bib, bulldog pacifier holder, swaddle clothes – a bunch of them.  Cactus black and white car seat cover, mobile, tummy mat, cactus pacifier holder.

Where did you get your inspiration/ideas from?

I look all over Instagram and Pinterest.

What is your favorite item you made for Vito?

I love the crib quilt.  [the one at the top of this post] It was very stunning.  I was very disappointed in the machine quilting that I chose.  I really didn’t do the quilt justice.

Did you make all of the projects you set out to make?

I first thought I would make a bumper for the crib but  I didn’t make that. I also was going to make sheets, but with the quilt pattern change and fabric change I just didn’t make them.

Do you have any suggestion for other quilters that will be making baby quilts for new mommies?

Wait. Don’t get in a rush. Mommies change their mind.  lol

That is great advice. I know Pos loves quilts. I see photos of the first quilt Michelle made her on her wall. That is what makes it so special and worth making those types of changes. Knowing that it will be used, loved and treasured. I know Michelle finished the first quilt she started to make and that will be gifted to someone else.

Now, take a minute to look at all of these cactus creations!! I am totally geeking out over here. Pos, you are one lucky lady!! I am having a hard time deciding which project is my favorite. I have always dreamed of making a mobile, so that one gets my vote. However the double gaze blankets are so soft. And did you see that cactus pillow? So many projects, so little time!

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