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Charity Sewing Bee

Making a difference – Two blocks at a time.

I have found the coolest thing!!! This is my fourth month participating in a Charity Sewing Bee called Do Good Stitches. My group/chapter is Harmony. It’s a Flickr group. This is how it works: The group is compiled of a leader, stitchers and quilters totaling ten members. At the beginning of each month (other then December that is a catch up month), a different quilter posts a block. Then color requests and directions are distributed to the group. Each stitcher creates two blocks and mails them to that month’s quilter. The quilter should receive blocks by the 10th of the following month. It’s the quilters responsibility to put all of the blocks together, finishing the quilt and then donating it to a charity.


I find this group challenging and rewarding. These blocks that I am making are ones that I would have never thought about making, in color ways set by someone else. Each month I find myself falling in love with the block and putting them on the list of quilts I want to make. Yes, I think this group is helping me think outside of the box and is continuously pushing me out of my comfort zone. What I like most about this group is working with other quilters and seeing all of the variations of the blocks made by the group. I am so happy and grateful that I am in this group. I look forward to being a part of creating projects that will touch someone’s life in a positive way.

The following blocks are the Charity Sewing Bee blocks I have made so far. If a how- to link is available, it will be included.

January Blocks
Charity Sewing Bee Blocks for January

February Block – Instruction Link
Charity Sewing Bee bloom block

March Block – Instruction Link
Charity Sewing Bee hex

April Block – Instruction Link
Charity Sewing Bee crosses

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