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Baby And Me Jewelry Set

Jack and the Beanstalk Rollout Month is here! I’ve spent nearly two years drawing designs and turning them into repeating swatches in preparation for this day. From slowly buying yards of my designs off of Spoonflower to cutting precuts, to creating patterns and also creating physical items. It has certainly been a huge undertaking. I am relieved to start the show and tell portion of this journey.

You might be thinking: “exactly what is this Rollout Month?” Well I’ve created about six different projects that will feature the designs in my Jack and the Beanstalk collection. It might be the actual fabric, or it could be designs taken from the fabric and transforms it. For this first Rollout post I’m showing off a baby jewelry set.

You may have seen a few images of this collection. I’m happy to announce that it’s now available to buy in Layered Cakes, Charm Packs, and Mini Charm Packs at my Etsy shop. Bernina Sewing and Design of Las Cruces will be selling Layered Cakes and Charm Packs. I have limited quantities so get them before they’re all gone. If precuts are not your thing and you would like some yards of this fabric you can buy them at my Spoonflower shop.

Since it’s Mother’s Day I would like to say thank you to a very special lady. Thank you mom! Thank you for taking the time to teach me everything I know, and for having the patience to let me learn from my mistakes sometimes. For nourishing my creativity, and for encouraging me to stay busy and teaching me the art of multitasking. All of these things will forever be with me thanks to you.

Baby and Me Jewelry Set

Baby and Me Jewelry Set

How to create the pendant & bracelet: insert the printed artwork into a premade pendant tray. I then filled the tray with Magic-Glos (a quick-curing resin in a bottle) by Lisa Pavelka. I let it dry for one day and voila! A unique and special pendent ready for rollout. Truly a simple and fast project that anyone can make.

I found the perfect beads to match my design at a local crafting and supply store, and created a two-strand necklace composed of soft blues and coral colored beads. Then for the little one, she gets a matching elastic baby bracelet. Simple and fun.

The pendent on the Baby and Me Jewelry Set features the bird in my Jack and the Beanstalk fabric collection
close up of the Baby and Me Jewelry Set
Teal, orange and brown beads are featured in the Baby and Me Jewelry Set

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