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The Giving Challenge Baby Blanket

I am super excited about this Rag Quilt baby blanket. The fabric for it was bought on Friday and started working on it early Saturday morning … I finished it right around noon (that same day). It was very easy to make.  As I was getting this fabric cut at Jo-Ann’s, I learned about Showers of Grace. A nonprofit organization that gives baby showers to expecting mothers that need help. I instantly liked this idea. This is my first completed baby blanket to give to Showers of Grace. I hope to complete two more soon. After I test out the process and tweak the design of this blanket, I plan to create a tutorial on it. 

If you like working with flannel here are two other blog posts one Rag Quilts: Rag Time Quilt and Rag Quilt

Flannel Baby Blanket
Close up Flannel Baby Blanket
Quilt roll showing a close up of the black fabric with foxes on it

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  • debbie
    November 26, 2014

    It is adorable. Cute fabric choices too. Good job.