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Can I get a second helping of Figgy Pudding Fabric?

Figgie Pudding fabric? Yes please.

I spent last weekend cleaning and organizing the house. Thankfully, my husband help me A LOT. It feels so good! Fresh and clear. The end goal was to get out all of my Christmas boxes and I decked my halls with Christmas cheer. Figgie Pudding fabric by Basic Grey is what is on my couches, table, side table, under my Christmas tree and on my walls. Do I like Figgie Pudding? Why yes. I think so!

I used Figgy Pudding fabric used in projects like a tree skirt, pillows and more

Patience Brewster

My Christmas thing – Every year I buy something by Patience Brewster. If I am really lucky I get is as a gift. It’s the best thing of the year, seeing what the new Krinkles are. Her ornaments are just fabulous and I love them. I have so many ornaments from her and a few other pieces too. Like and ornament holder and a stocking holder. I just love how she brings her whimsical characters to life. I don’t know how she transfers her drawings into a 3-dimensional work of art, but she does. And they are fantastic don’t you think!!

Now what one moment. I haven’t talked about the shoes… Each and every one has a different set of shoes. That might be the best part of her designs but there is so much detail. So much depth. I could only hope to create something a smidgen as good as hers. What a dream!!


Here are a few of my favorite Krinkle scores over the years.
This is my Christmas thing…. What is yours? Tell me in the comments below.

Patience Brewster creates the best ornaments like this holly lady
Krinles shoes go perfectly with my Figgy Pudding fabric
These are the best cat ornaments Patience Brewster has ever created

Can’t get enough Christmas and Figgy Pudding fabric?? I definitely need to take some better project photos so definitely come back because that is going on my list of thing to do. If you want to see more of my Christmas projects click here.

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