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Bullseye Quilt Kits For Sale

Guess what!!! I am selling fabric. EEKKK I know I have dabbled in it here and there, but I have decided that I want to be able to offer kits of some of the patterns I design and write soooooo I am all in. If you are subscribed to my newsletter this is old news, but I haven’t shared on my blog until now. This is my first kit that I have made. It is the Bullseye Quilt. I have always loved the bullseye design. Definitely a classic that never goes out of style. The pattern is from (RSS) Ruby Star Society.

They did a Super Bowl Quilting Sew Along and I joined in on the fun. You can see what others made with (the hashtag) #rssbullseyeqal. I fell behind because I started the quilt on Saturday during a Zoom sew day. Let me just say as much as I enjoy sewing with others, I tend to have to take things out. And let me say I did a lot of seam ripping after I struggled with the decision of,  should I move forward? Or should I take it out? I went back and forth for a couple of weeks. But in the end though I liked the design, I intended to kit  better than what I had created. Errors! They can make me crazy. But it’s worth it. LOL. Being social is important in our quilting world which makes being an introvert even a recluse easy.

The Fabrics

This quilt is made up of lavenders, pinks, grays and blacks. The darker fabrics are from Basic Grey by Moda. Boudair is their grey line. It is so pretty and sophisticated. In the line you can find a hint of pink that leans to a lavender. I love the main print. It reminds me of something you would see in a Halloween line. One word, Magical. Okay, two words. Magical and fun. I added a fabric from Heirloom and another from Golden Hour, both designed by Alexia Abegg to pick up on the purple pink. Then I threw in a true pink from the TerryTown line by Kimberly Kight, it adds a special touch of shine into the quilt. All of these fabrics together make my heart melt.

The Quilting

I am the spoiled one that gets to use my sister’s long arm. She helped me put the quilt on the machine and helped get it all going. Each hexagon is about 11 inches, so it makes the process faster than some other designs. I love how it tuned out. Don’t you just love the quilting pattern too? If you are interested, you can go to urban elements and get the digital file called honeycomb. There you will find so many different wonderful designs.

The Bullseye Quilt Size

I added a few extra rows to make the quilt into a twin size but the size of the pattern and the size of the quilt that comes as the kit is lap quilt 68” x 68”. If you want to get your Bullseye Quilt kit, click here. I will send you the fabric and print out of the pattern. I will also send you additional sheets that show you how to use the fabric that comes in the quilt kit. So, if you are new to quilting and want a great beginner quilt this is it. Or if you want a bold weekend easy peasy project, look no further. Get your kit before they are gone!

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