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Cutting Pieces – Terracotta Fiori QAL

Last week we decided on the layout we’re going to make and picked out our fabrics. This week, we’re cutting them up so that we can sew them back together. This is my favorite part of quilting. Well — if my favorite rotary cutter is working and has a fresh, new blade.

The prize this as we are week is a rotating cutting mat, ruler, and rotary cutter. 

paper plates with all my cut pieces and ready to start quilting

Pre-Iron Your Fabrics

First, you need to iron your fabrics to get all the folds and krinkles out. For this quilt I only used a spray bottle of water. 

This is an essential part of the quilting process. If you cut with folds in your fabrics, you’ll be fighting with them — or even end up creating errors — when you cut. Making errors is already too easy without stacking the deck against yourself! 

Cutting Pieces out for the Terracotta Fiori Quilt

Prevent More Fabric Wrinkles

I know it can feel useless because they could wrinkle again before you cut them, but that can be easily prevented by hanging up your fabrics after ironing. I like to hang mine over my quilt rack. In the past, I’ve spread them out on the spare bed or laid them over a door. If you don’t have any of these options, you can use pant hangers. 

If you are using linen, shot cotton, or Chambery, make sure to starch the top and bottom of your fabric well. 

Test Your Paper Piecing Dimensions

When writing the pattern, I decided that I wanted to take the guessing out of paper piecing — so I gave you the dimensions to cut your pieces to. They’re generous because I was worried you wouldn’t have enough room if you didn’t place it exactly as I did. 

Feel free to adjust the sizes. I recommend making a test hexagon flower. It will make the perfect wall hanging and, more importantly, let you get a feel for the process.

Organize Your Quilt Pieces

Organization is key for the making of this quilt. In the past, I’ve used plastic bags to keep pieces together. For my Mod City Center quilt, I even wrote the letter on the wrong side of the fabric pieces in pencil. But for this quilt, I decided to try something I saw Libbs Elliot do on Instagram — I used paper plates. 

Cutting Pieces – The Paper Plate Organization Method

Get 28 unused paper plates. Each plate will be for one letter and one fabric color. 

1 plate with the letter A
4 plates with the letter B
4 plates with the letter C
1 plate with the letter D
4 plates with the letter E
4 plates with the letter F
1 plate with the letter G
4 plates with the letter H
4 plates with the letter I
1 plate with the letter J

After you cut a letter from a color, place them on the plate with the corresponding letter. Cut your pieces for each color and keep them together on the appropriate paper plate. 

What is your favorite way to organize your pieces?

This Week’s Quilt Along Marching Orders

Cut all the pieces for your quilt. 

And… go!

For your convenience, here is the timeline: 

Oct 8th – Picking Out Fabric
Oct 15th – Cutting Fabric
(tentative coffee chat on Wednesday at 6:00 pm Instagram live)
Oct 22nd – Paper Piecing Tips and Tricks
(tentative sew day on Oct 23rd)
Oct 29th – Catch Up
Nov 5th – Sewing Top Together
(tentative sew day on Nov 7th)
Nov 12th – Spray Basting and Quilting
Nov 19th – Binding
Nov 26th – Grand Prize

Here is a peek at this weeks gift.

giveaway prize

Instagram Giveaway Reminder

You can see everyones photos on Instagram by clicking here #terracottafioriqa. You can also use the link to check and see if you used the right hashtag. Remember, I won’t be able to see your photos if your account is private. If I can’t see your photos, I can’t choose you as a winner for one of the prizes. After the quilt along has ended, feel free to change your account back to private. If you have any trouble doing this please let me know — I would be happy to help. 

If you missed the beginning of the quilt along — don’t worry, you can join in at any time. Get your copy of the pattern in my Etsy shop by clicking here.

Winner. Winner. Chicken Dinner!

The winner from week one is Diane Beavers. Congratulations!! Send me your mailing address and I will mail you your goodies. If you remember the main gift is a gift card to by & by but I will add a few extras. 😉

I hope you have a wonderful week!!

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  • Diane Beavers
    October 16, 2021

    I love this method of storing cut pieces. It’s much more effective than my method of clipping a piece of paper to my cut pieces.
    Thank you for encouraging us to press first does make a difference to ensure accurate cutting.
    Oh my goodness I’m so grateful to you and By and By. The ice dying of fabric she does is the coolest.

    • Elisabeth DeMoo
      > Diane Beavers
      October 16, 2021

      Thank you!! I am glad you liked it. I love stacking them up and putting them in gallon zip lock bags. Then putting them in tote bags and taking them with me on the road. Making it an easy to travel. I am so happy you like your prize. Thanks for joining in on the quilt along.