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Milk Can Quilt Block & Grocery List

Milk Can Quilt Block

In the ’30s, my Opa (Grandpa) delivered milk all around a small city in Holland, Zandvoort aan Zee. Although I never met him, I like to imagine him riding his bike with a cart of jars full of milk. Leaving them on doorsteps for families. When I talked to my mom about this post I learned it was actually a horse and wagon he used for delivery. 

My favorite story about him is the reason why he was put into a work camp for six months during WWII. A few British soldiers’ plane had been shot down. They were hiding in the rafters of a nearby barn at a milk creamery. Opa used his milk can to hide fuel so he could help those soldiers take flight again. That is why when I was invited to make a block from Lori Holt’s Autumn Love Sew Along, I picked the Milk Can Quilt Block. I really loved all of the other blocks from this Autumn Love quilt and still want to make more of them, especially the flower blocks. They are so beautiful! However, as the daughter of a dairy farmer and since I have always had a milk can in my yard (even now), I HAD to do this block.

Lori Holt

All of October, I will be crafting myself silly. As I join Lori Holt in her sew along, I am realizing just how amazing this lady is. She has hosted many sew alongs in that past. Lori is the creator of so many wonderful things like quilt patterns, appliqué templates, tins, ribbon, planners and so much more like her new fabric line Autumn Love. She is simply amazing!!  Check out her blog Bee In My Bonnet then take a moment to look at all of the fun stuff she has on the Fat Quarter Shop.


Jubilee Fabric

I found the perfect fabric for the Lori Holt’s Milk Can Quilt Block. Jubilee is the right blend of bright, bold, and murky. I love how all the colors pop out next to the navy blue background. It’s fall-ish, right?? Cyndi Walker is the designer of this blooming line for Riley Blake Designs. I instantly fell in love with the larger flower from the line and decided it would replace the star on the tin. I love how it turned out. What’s funny is that the yellow fabric makes the corn look like actual kernels. It couldn’t be more perfect!


Lori Holt’s appliqué technique

This was the the first time appliquéing the way Lori Holt suggests. She has many videos on this technique, so you should check them out. Here is a link to one of them. Let me break down the basic idea of making the oval corn shape.

1 – Take a piece of fusible interfacing, trace and outline of the corn template on it.
2 – Place it on top of your fabric, fusible side facing good side of fabric.
3 – Sew on the outline. Trim fabrics 1/4″ inch away from the seam.
4 – Cut a hole in the interfacing.
5 – Pull fabrics inside out.
6 – Work on points and use a scoring tool to help shape the fabric into the oval corn shape.
7 – Use your fingers and nails for extra help.

Super easy, right?? Now you can just iron your shapes into place because you already have a finished edge. It’s genius!!

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My Project – Grocery List

I created a functional wall hanging with my Milk Can Quilt Block. It has a fabric chalkboard hanging from the block, making it into a list for groceries that’s hard to lose. You can also use it for a list of things to do or as a doodle sheet. I love it and can’t wait to use it. It’s basically three mini quilts. If you want to make one you need to keep in mind that all of the widths need to be the same.

My top mini measures 14″ by 23 3/4″. This includes the Milk Can Quilt Block, a inner border that is 5/8″ and a outer border that is 1 1/2″. The bottom minis are 14″ x 14″. The way that they hang from each other is a simple eyelet and fabric tie. I have a sleeve on the back of the top mini quilt to insert a wooden dowel. Cut the sleeve in half so the dowel can rest on a nail on both sides and in the middle.

If you have any questions on making this project just ask!

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  • Gayle
    October 8, 2018

    So cute!

  • dezertsuz
    October 8, 2018

    An altogether enchanting project. I do like the fabrics you used for yours. Thanks for sharing your three blocks below the milk can, too.

    • Elisabeth DeMoo
      > dezertsuz
      October 8, 2018

      Thank you for your lovely complement. I had sew much fun making them.

  • Mayme Oliven
    April 5, 2019

    would love to always get updated great blog! .

  • Mayme Oliven
    April 5, 2019

    would love to always get updated great blog! .