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Valentine’s Day Tech Bites

Meadows full of tiny flowers where the walking dead roam freely is the backdrop for this “Zombie Love” fabric line by Emily Taylor (for Riley Blake). I am not sure if everyone will agree with me, but I totally see this as a Valentine’s Day fabric. Why you might ask? Well, for starters, it has one fabric with skeleton hands that form heart shapes (Lovely, if I may add, and quite romantic). There’s a tombstone engraved with “Love Never Dies”. The most obvious reason of all; the “HE” zombie offering his beating heart to a “SHE” zombie. That’s what I call pure and everlasting LOVE. This unusual story of undead tested love has inspired this post along with its title.

Tech Bites

These creations were designed and custom made in order for us (my husband and I) to store and use our current technological devices. I always have a hard time thinking of the perfect gift for my (crazy and almost impossible to give something to) husband. As I was racking my brain on ideas for this project, I  happened to remember that sometime ago he had asked me to make him something. A phone case carrier. I did attempt to make him one once before, however it was way too tight. The zipper made it truly hard to open due to where the zipper was placed. If you wanted to beat the incoming phone call, it was quite a difficult task. Almost impossible. Thanks to that failed attempt, now I have a gift idea and the perfect fabric, all I had left to get done: create a pattern.

These were all designed on the fly. As I was moving along this project and really liked how they turned out. There are a few things that I would like to adjust. So I plan on remaking it in the near future. I am always hoping for a perfect pattern like most of us do. Trying over and over again is the way to get there. Things that I didn’t like about this lovely and spooky phone case: I laminated the fabric. I thought it would be a cool touch and it really was, however as the layers started piling up it became harder to maneuver and handle. It was an unnecessary touch. Lesson learned.

Tech Bites Photo Dump

I wanted to create a few TECH themed items. These Tech Bites are my creations so far. I made an iPhone 6 Plus case, MiFi case (Hot Spot Device), and a Tech pillow (IPad holder). These fun cases will help you keep your technology safe.

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