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How to use a Signature Quilt in a shower

Flowers are blooming, plants are growing, days are getting longer, and it’s getting super hot outside. Summer is in full swing, and so is wedding season. A childhood friend of mine is getting married this fall, which can only mean one thing — bridal shower time!

How to use a signature quilt - use the quilt blocks as decoration

In my eyes, the perfect gift is a quilt. Always. So… I’m going to intertwine the shower and the quilt. How you may ask? Well, instead of a guest book, there will be signature blocks for a signature quilt.

How to use a signature quilt in a bridal shower

1 – Prepare all blocks prior to the party.

2 – The number of guests will affect the size of the block. If you have more than 18 guests, you might want to use a smaller block compared to the one’s I used. Since I wanted bigger blocks, I decided to go with 14” squares. It’s very important that the person signing the block has enough white space for their name.

3 – Get a few fabric markers from a craft store, and place them close to the blocks (fabric markers are great since they’re designed to not wash out or fade due to their permanent tint), and last (4-) find a clever way to display the blocks.

How to use a signature quilt - have the attendees write on the block

This will be a beautiful way to add decorations and color to the party.

I found pictures of this quilt online and fell in love with the idea. I sent the bride, Jessa Fay, a few options and she narrowed it down to two. When I questioned her about the colors choices she asked for grey, and yes, only grey.

The different greys in the signature quilt

You would assume that since grey is a neutral color, it would be easy to work with – wrong, I never thought picking fabrics for this “Grey Quilt” would be as hard as it was. In my search for five different grey color variations (that I wanted), led me to six stores. Luckily, I found some great options that looked lovely together.

I have done a lot with this quilt block like a quilt along learn more about it here.

photos from the bridal show using signature blocks

I still wish I had gotten an even lighter than the lightest grey fabric (here) but oh well. The thing about grey is, some are blue-grey, some are brown-grey and when they’re not from the right color family, they really stand out (not in a good way).Here are a few pictures that capture the idea of the signature quilt and a few pictures of the shower. Now, I have to finish this quilt before her wedding in October. Wish me luck!

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