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Monogram Gift Tags – A Valentine’s Day DIY

Monogram Gift Tags tutorial

Things you will need for making Monogram Gift Tags
Card Stock
Newspaper – cover your workspace
Pink Felt
White Felt
Fabric Marker
All-Purpose Gel Adhesive (Martha Stewart) with sponge tip
E-6000 Craft Glue

items needed for projectstep 1 - print file and cut letters

STEP ONE – Download the two letter files (topletter.pdf and bottomletter.pdf). Decide on the letter you will use to create the gift tag. Locate the letter on each file. ie the letter V is on page 4 of both files. Using card stock paper, print both pages the letter is on. Cut out each letter.

Step 2 - cut out felt letterscut paper templates

STEP TWO – Using a fabric marker, trace the outline of each top letter (on pink felt) and the bottom letter (on white felt). Cut them out.

Step 3 - apply glue and glitter

STEP THREE – Place your top letter on the newspaper right side up. Cover the letter with a layer of gel adhesive. Pour a small amount of glitter into one hand. Using your other hand sprinkle the glitter onto the letter. Repeat until the letter is covered. Push the glitter down onto the felt using your finger or a sponge. Let dry for about 10 minutes. If needed, add more glitter now. Carefully add another layer of gel adhesive. Try to avoid removing the glitter. Let dry for 15 to 20 minutes.

Step 4 - glue two felt letters together

STEP FOUR – Lift your top letter up. On the back of the letter apply an inner outline of the E-6000 glue. Center the top layer over the bottom layer and press down. Let them dry for 15 to 20 minutes.
STEP FIVE – Using scissors cut a small hole for the ribbon to pass through. Knot the ends of the ribbon.

Monogram Gift Tags on gifts


Have fun!! Creating comes from the heart, so let it flow. Don’t be afraid to change it up a little like these by Jack the Awesome and Big Momma Quilts…

Monogram Gift Tag with heartdifferenttag



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  • Michelle
    February 14, 2015

    I love it!!! such a awesome idea!!

  • Michelle
    February 14, 2015

    I love it!!! such a awesome idea!!