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I attended Sew-A-PALOOZA yesterday. It’s a Sewing Roadshow of Rock Star Techniques! Bernina Sewing and Design of Las Cruces brought this amazing Sewing Festival to the lucky quilters in Las Cruces and El Paso. I went to the one in El Paso and was blown away by enthusiasm, sewing machines, projects, and prizes. It was a fun packed day filled with information and food. I truly enjoyed myself.

We received a goodie bag full of things like VIP Badge, Festival Tour T-Shirt, Bumper Sticker, bracelets, patterns and more.

There were so many prizes!! It must have been more then 20 items. They included fabric (many 1/2 yard sets and layered cakes), Sew-a-palooza Roadie Tech Kit, patterns, Embroidery Designs, and even a gift card to their store.

We learned how to make projects using machine features like painting, punch needles, circular embroidery attachment, and embroidery with a hoop. We got to choose from 1 of 3 projects to take home. I got to sew and take home the wristlet project. I am stunned at how easy this project was and how cute it is. They let me use the 880. Wow!! It is a beast. And the things it can do… I think I am in love…. Even though I am a Bernina Newbie and have never used a embroidery sewing machine I was able to complete the project.

Thank you Bernina Sewing and Design of Las Cruces!

Thank you Bernina USA!

It was such a fun time. If you can, you should go to one of these too.

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