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Giving Challenge #2 – The Sonia Project

This year, for my Giving Challenge #2, I decided to be focused on what I dedicated my after hours to. I thought about many options, a food drive, making wreaths for an assisted living home. However a friend of mine was eagerly raising money for her sister. Why I asked?? She told me about her sister that has been fighting cancer that has left her and her family trying to cope with it mentally as well as financially. Sonia has 5 children and 4 grandchildren. Each day that she has with them is truly a gift for all of them.


When I took this all in, I asked myself how could I help. I brainstormed, planned and then created a website. I hope to do many things through the website. My husband and I had stickers printed, a sponsor is having totes printed and these are all items we are now selling on the website. There is a give a donation link that takes you to where a fundraiser has been created. We are also collecting items for an online auction.


So please check it out. Our goal is to raise $6000.00 for Sonia and her family. Take a moment to cherish life and spread a little Hope and Health Sonia’s way.  


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